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Windermere, Florida – Owning a swimming pool comes with various responsibilities, such as cleaning and maintenance, which tend to be expensive. Maintenance also involves knowing and using the correct chemistry set, which can become a hassle. For this reason, WRX Pool Services, a family-owned and operated company, has made its pool services affordable to Windermere, Florida, pool owners.

WRX Pool Services is committed to offering quality pool cleaning and maintenance solutions. It achieves these by using innovative and up-to-date pool cleaning methods designed to leave the pool clear. Moreover, a team of experienced and skilled technicians conducts these cleaning, and when dispatched to a site, arrives in a branded vehicle.

Their cleaning services include pool vacuuming, removal of debris and leaves by scheming the pool surface, as well as cleaning tiles, walls, and pool steps to make sure that they are algae-free. This team is knowledgeable in balancing pool water, which kills bacteria, germs, and viruses, as well as removes organic matter.

WRX Pool Services employ their pool cleaning services when dealing with green pools; water infested with algae gives it the green color. This results from various factors, including weather elements, such as the sun, especially during summers, and an imbalance in the chlorine level. After examining the pool, they address this by boosting the chlorine level through an algaecide or shock treatment. The team also offers the pool inspection as a different package for owners interested in knowing the state of their pool.

WRX Pool Services offer pool owners with salt-water pool option whose salinity is ten times less than ocean water. This is less harsh on skin, eyes, and hair than chlorine treatment and is becoming a popular choice in resorts, cruise ships, and hotels. In addition, this treatment is a cost-effective alternative as it is low maintenance and environmental-friendly, not to mention that it comes with stress, anxiety, and sore muscle relieving properties.

“We at WRX Pool Cleaning Service understand the importance of clean water and keeping people in the swimming pool safe. Our pool experts are trained, experienced, highly-skilled, insured, and fully licensed to execute any pool cleaning in a professional and timely manner, regardless of its size.” The company’s representative noted about their pool cleaning service.

In addition, the Windermere Pool Cleaning Company offers pool equipment repairs, like pool pumps, pool filters, pool pipes, and tubes. They also provide pool heater repairs and ensure that the pool automation system works effectively.

WRX Pool Services is familiar with the importance of a clean and safe pool environment for users, which is why they develop maintenance plans to meet their needs and schedule. Their office is located at 6407 Swanson Street, Windermere, Florida, 34786, US. Contact them by calling (321) 430-0200 to schedule service. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the services offered.

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