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Georgetown, TX – Westinghouse Dental is a premier dental practice offering a wide range of services. The clinic has modern facilities such as 3D dental x-rays (CBCT), digital x-rays, an Isolite system, and an intraoral camera. As a patient-centered practice, the practice has a modern, relaxing office with amenities such as private rooms, a kid’s playing area, and a coffee kiosk. Besides the services and facilities, the clinic is home to qualified and licensed dentists and specialists. 

Westinghouse Dental is offering a wide range of dental services to Georgetown residents. One of the key offerings by the clinic is cosmetic dentistry. The service is available to patients interested in enhancing their appearance through a smile makeover. The dentists may opt for veneers to change the tooth size, shape, spacing, color, and length by placing thin porcelain veneers in the patient’s enamel. The specialist may also use tooth-colored filling or porcelain (white) crowns to change the patient’s smile. Thanks to its knowledgeable team and state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic also offers teeth whitening and dental bonding services. 

Besides cosmetic dentistry, the clinic offers dental implants, which are available to patients with missing teeth. For better results, the clinic uses the latest technologies such as3D dental x-rays (CBCT). This technology gives the dentist a better understanding of the patient’s mouth anatomy during planning, and can result in the dentist planning a less invasive procedure. In addition to surgical placements, the clinic specializes in restoring implants, especially if the patient is not happy with their new look. 

Westinghouse Dental offers restorative dentistry, and one of the most popular services under the restorative branch is composite fillings. This offering is available to adults and children who have serious nerve and tooth damage. The clinic also offers dental bridges and crowns, as these two services help in strengthening the teeth and, more importantly, improving the patient’s appearance. Other services offered under restorative services include dentures, root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal, tooth extractions, and dental implants. 

In addition, the clinic specializes in periodontal services. Whether the patient is suffering from tender gums, bleeding, or has red gums, Westinghouse Dental offers a variety of treatment options. But first, the dentist provides a diagnosis and finds the root cause of the symptoms. After finding the possible cause of a patient’s gum disease diagnosis, the clinic treats the issue using modern options. The dentist may recommend a deep cleaning, antibiotic tablets, or antibiotic gel. The choice of treatment depends on the specialist’s findings and the extent of the dental condition. 

Besides treating the condition and improving the patient’s appearance through cosmetic remedies, the practice offers general services for families. Unlike other services, the offering is mainly preventive. Westinghouse Dental offers teeth cleaning, examinations, and fluoride treatments. It also offers sealants, nightguards, chipped tooth repairs, and oral cancer screenings. 

For top-quality dental services, call the clinic at 512-688-6004. Westinghouse Dental is located at 940 Westinghouse Rd, Suite 104, Georgetown, TX 78626, US. To learn more about Westinghouse Dental and the preventive services they offer, visit the dental practice’s website.

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