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Chicago, IL – Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago is a certified and licensed mold removal company serving Chicago, Illinois. The company has also specialized in water and fire restoration services. The company conducts all its operations using a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians.

Their mold removal services are designed to eradicate mold growth, which is largely fostered by excess moisture as a result of broken pipes, window and roof leaks, foundation cracks, faulty HVAC systems, among other things. Large amounts of mold are known to be toxic to humans and pets, and can also be destructive to property. Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago uses reliable and innovative techniques to relieve Chicago residents of these problems.

While conducting the mold removal process and with its clients’ safety in mind, the mold removal company starts with containment, a process in which they isolate the contaminated room(s) to prevent the mold from reaching the rest of the building. The mold removal company goes to the extent of removing contaminated furniture that may pose a threat to the inhabitants. The clients can carry on with their tasks as the company deals with the mold problem. An additional safety practice involves having the mold removal technicians wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while working to reduce exposure to harm.

Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago uses different techniques and equipment to get rid of the mold in a property like using a HEPA vacuum with a HEPA filter to collect the mold spores. They also use an air scrubber that filters contaminated air with the help of a HEPA filter and releases back the clean air. An ultra-low volume (ULV) fogger sprays mist that clings to mold spores which can be swept away later, while a hydroxyl generator mimics sunlight to kill pollutants in the air.

To combat contaminated surfaces, the mold removal company uses anti-microbial paint to cover the staining to prevent future mold growth and restore a room’s aesthetics. Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago also offers Chicago residents with HVAC system cleaning.

Like its mold remediation services, the company’s Chicago water damage repair and fire damage restoration services meet the industry’s standards. Furthermore, the restoration expert offers asbestos removal, trauma cleanup, leak detection, contents cleaning, and board and tarp over services.

For fast and reliable mold removal as well as water and fire damage restoration services, contact Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago to set up an appointment via phone at (312) 574-3814 or visit their website to learn more. Water Mold Fire Restoration of Chicago is located at 3521 N. Wilton Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.

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