Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Oakland County, MI: Tri County Services Inc. offers sprinkler repair services, especially to clients with systems that have broken sprinkler heads, pipe leaks, and broken pipes. Regardless of the issues, the company offers a fast, free and personalized estimate based on the client’s needs. After the detailed quote, the team schedules the repairs based on the client’s availability. 

Afterward, Tri County Services Inc in Oakland County MI assesses the system before repairing it with care, skill, and quality parts. The team is also experienced in repairing all types of sprinkler and lighting systems, giving clients value for money. 

In addition to replacing faulty parts of the systems, the company offers maintenance services as part of the Sprinkler Repair in Oakland County MI. The maintenance services are also available to commercial and residential clients with systems that may have issues with wasting water, leading to high water bills. Once contacted, the experts assess the system, identify some of the aspects leading to high water bills, and fix the issues through various options. Some of the key options are replacing sprinkler heads with efficient water-conserving parts and changing the pipes if the existing ones are prone to leaks and endless repairs. After maintenance services, the team assesses the system’s efficiency with the new parts before leaving the client’s property. 

Tri County Services Inc also installs new parts to the sprinkling systems for clients interested in expanding their lawns. One of the critical services offered by the company is adding new or additional zones from the existing design. Unlike investing in a new sprinkling system, which is expensive and time-consuming, the technicians make small changes such as changing the water pressure to accommodate the changes. The team also installs mosquito repellant injection systems. 

Tri County Services Inc. offers start-up and winterization as part of the repair and maintenance services. In addition to the team’s experience in removing the remaining water from the systems, the specialists offer more services at the client’s request, such as assessing whether the sprinkler system has any leaks, broken pipes, and faulty sprinkler heads. For better results on the service, the specialists evaluate the system before blowing all the water from the system, which helps avoid damages caused by freezing water during the winter. Clients are guaranteed a functioning sprinkling system year-round thanks to the service.

Tri County Services Inc. is located in Grosse Pointe Park, MI, 48230, USA. Clients can call the company at (248) 830-5128 for professional sprinkler repair services. Visit the website for more information. 

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