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Fort Worth, TX – Texas has a complex justice system, so if someone is charged with a criminal offense it is wise to seek immediate legal assistance. The state guarantees the right to an advocate, but a public defender is usually inundated with cases, and they hardly have enough time to focus on a single client. The Medlin Law Firm’s Fort Worth representative remarks that one of the biggest common mistakes during an arrest is not contacting an experienced attorney and engaging in answering seemingly insignificant questions that could have a huge impact on the outcome of the case. 

The attorney emphasizes the importance of relying on an experienced lawyer to handle the case properly. This lawyer must have the time and resources to pursue the best results on behalf of the client. 

The Medlin Law Firm has been serving its community for decades, providing a dedicated and results-oriented defense. This prestigious firm comprises a leadership team that brings together over 79 years of combined experience in the various practice areas of criminal defense. 

The Medlin Law Firm representative says, “Our firm has incredible knowledge of legal issues, so we can use that to our client’s benefit. We have a great experience with all the alternatives that are available to prevent them from having a criminal record, and we are creative in finding new ways, steps, and issues that we can use to our client’s benefit.”

Whether an individual is being charged with fraud, murder, or any other crime, the attorneys at The Medlin Law Firm have successfully handled a wide variety of criminal cases, ranging from domestic violence, assault, fraud, driving under the influence, and more. Clients of The Medlin Law Firm can rely on this Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer dedicated to protecting their clients’ best interests. The firm has been involved in a wide variety of state and federal felony cases, guaranteeing its clients direct, prompt, and personalized communication.

The firm’s experience also encompasses probation violation cases. Whether clients failed to present proof of consistent employment or failed to comply with other parole requirements, this firm focuses on creating strong strategies to advocate on behalf of its clients.

Those looking for a compassionate DWI Lawyer in Fort Worth, TX, may contact The Medlin Law Firm via phone at (682) 204-4066 to book an appointment. The firm is located at 1300 S University Dr #318, Fort Worth, TX, 76107. For more information about their services or request an evaluation via e-form, visit the firm’s website. 

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