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Lansing, MI: The Clark Law Office offers exclusive legal representation customized to meet the client’s needs when pursuing compensation. The Lansing auto accident lawyer starts by giving the client an honest evaluation based on the available evidence before offering legal advice on the best way forward. The team also deals with the insurance company on the client’s behalf, such as handling all the communications and paperwork that is common in auto accident settlements. To eliminate chances of low settlement, the attorney evaluates the figure offered, and if the payment is low, they renegotiate for a higher settlement figure.

In addition to automobile cases, The Clark Law Office specializes in representing clients in motorcycle accident cases, especially considering the cases are complex due to the existing laws in Michigan. Fortunately, the motorcycle accident lawyer collects all the relevant police reports and obtains other evidence such as camera footage, strengthening the cases, and setting the ground for high compensation. The team is also conversant with the settlement limits, pushing for a fair settlement in all cases.

The Clark Law Office represents clients involved in truck accidents, particularly considering they are some of the deadliest accidents. The team is knowledgeable on the complex State and Federal laws governing the trucking business and the intricate insurance hierarchy clients might experience when pursuing compensation. The firm assists the client in investigating and building a case to prove negligence and eventually setting up a compensation figure.

The firm also represents the clients pursuing social security benefits by gathering evidence, hiring the relevant professionals on the client’s behalf, and exploring all the relevant channels to strengthen the case. In the last 30 years, the firm has learned how the social security systems operate, giving the client an upper hand in the process, especially in proving they are incapable of working and the disability has lasted more than a year.

The Clark Law Office has a team dedicated to representing clients in medical malpractice cases, especially in cases of negligence, causation, and damages. The attorneys evaluate the available evidence and build a strong case showing how the client suffered from negligence. Since hospitals and other parties may create a strong defense, the Lansing-based firm leaves nothing to chance regarding preparation and handling paperwork and communications.

For exclusive legal representation, clients can call the firm at (517) 575-8131. The Clark Law Office is located at 910 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI, 48915. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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