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Lexington, Kentucky – It can be challenging to make the transition from an independent lifestyle to an assisted living environment, especially when memory issues are present. The Breckinridge Memory Care facility has been helping residents with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia for over 20 years. Their approach to caring is straightforward: focus on strengths rather than flaws. Always remember to be kind. Never give up on communicating. 

Residents and their families will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of their staff. After all, the quality of care is only as excellent as the people who provide it. The Breckinridge Memory Care employees are not just professionals, but they also receive continual training, and they are hired to be part of the team based on their conviction in the dignity of all people, not just their professional abilities.

“The Breckinridge Memory Care is designed with our residents’ needs in mind. Like ‘Yes, you can go outside in the backyard. It’s secure.’ ‘Yes, you can see as the chef prepares lunch or dinner. It’s safe.’ And ‘Yes, I could use your help watering the plants.’ It’s purposeful,” says Lexington native John Trevey, owner of The Breckinridge Memory Care, when asked about the memory care residence in Lexington.

It’s possible that what works for one individual will only work for that person. As a result, their residents and their families benefit from various therapeutic, medical, and social services that only a top senior memory care home can provide. The Breckinridge Memory Care employs new, inventive ways tailored to the individual’s existing skills. They find beauty in living life in the present moment when they perceive themselves for who they are today and what they do. They collaborate to achieve success, and The Breckinridge Memory Care caregivers are motivated because they are part of a unique model.

The Breckinridge Memory Care is 24-bed memory care in Lexington, Kentucky. The assisted living in Lexington facility not only offers a huge, secure, and beautiful backyard, but they also serve wonderful home-cooked meals, have chairs by the fire, have private bedrooms designed with the memory care resident in mind, and all the amenities of home. 

As a memory care Lexington facility, the team views each day as an opportunity to come up with new ways to improve people’s lives. They strive to make each moment count by never forgetting that people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are people first.

One of the reasons that sparked the creation of The Breckinridge Memory Care was the lack of dedicated Alzheimer’s homes in the Assisted Living and Personal Care sector. This was discovered after visiting many Alzheimer’s facilities around the United States. The more a dementia patient’s residence resembled a home-like environment, the better. 

With The Breckinridge Memory Care residence designed for memory care residents, the 24 rooms make it a spacious and relaxing place to call home.

To learn more about The Breckinridge Memory Care, visit the facility located at 2109 Cornerstone Drive, Lexington, KY, 40509. Contact them via phone at 859-543-0824. For more information, visit their website.

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