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If the past 2 years have taught nothing, it’s that education and learning is shifting across the globe. 

Many teachers and students have taken advantage of this opportunity to find a learning environment that is far more comfortable to them whether that be in clothing that is comfortable or in an area of their homes that is nurturing and supportive of the material they are taking in. 

The Alchemist’s Kitchen recently shared with their community an online lesson on baking the easiest and most delicious CBD cookie. Author and Health Coach, Jenny Sansouci shared a recipe from the book, The Rebel’s Apothecary, and chatted with VP of Business Development, Ezza Valdez a little about her on-demand course for The Alchemist’s Kitchen. 

View the class on making these amazing chocolate chip mint matcha cookies here 

The Launch of On Demand

After almost two years of offering classes on a live, instructor-led basis, The Alchemist’s Kitchen is excited to announce the launch of their course on-demand platform! Their community acknowledges that joining live and in-person events can be a challenge due to busy schedules, conflicting timezones, and the strong desire to fight “Zoom fatigue”.

In order to make accessing these courses and educational material more convenient, The Alchemist’s Kitchen has spent the last quarter of 2021 planning, designing, and testing this new platform. They have also curated a free altar creation lesson as a gift to their community and in support of the Many Moons Planner. 

A man learning in his pajamas!

Evolving Means Learning

Events and workshops have always been a pillar offering for The Alchemist’s Kitchen. They have a deep network of teachers, practitioners, guides and industry experts with decades of experience focused on learning and refining their craft. There is also a unique opportunity to showcase up-and-coming teachers in order to help them spread their teachings and build their audience. The goal is to provide a full ecosystem of support not only for the students but to the teachers as well. The focus is on acknowledging that learning is not an individual journey but a reciprocal exchange of ideas, concepts, and experiences. 

For authors that are also teachers, The Alchemist’s Kitchen brings their retail background to enhance the classroom experience. For example, The Alchemist Kitchen Book Club offers tiered options to allow students the convenience of an online book club along with a carefully curated product selection which can be used to support their learning. 

The Magic of Self Paced Learning

Recent studies show that online learning has been shown to increase the retention of information. It provides students with the opportunity to rewind, pause, rewatch and digest the information that makes old ways of learning obsolete. Students can also use their phone as a learning tool to allow their learning journey more freedom. 

In addition to the online course offering, the Alchemist’s Kitchen continues to enhance the learning experience through monthly gatherings and scheduled live Q&A with the teachers, authors, guids and more allowing students to learn at one’s own pace without losing the sense of community. This is truly a synergistic collaboration of traditional offline learning and e-learning creating an experience learners will be sure to enjoy.

Learning something new while comfortable.

Divining the Future

They are taking this opportunity to learn from the past 2 years and expand their knowledge and offerings to reach a wider audience by using all of the latest technologies in order to create a more conscious and powerful future. From expanding to international markets through translated courses to partnering with bigger organizations, exploring virtual reality, their hope is to create a world where we all evolve to better loving people. 

Come be co-creators with The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Let them know what classes are of most interest, which teachers are favored and become part of this amazing community.

A New Beginning

During one of Ezza’s retail shifts, an in-store visitor shared an experience with a recent class on forest bathing. The visitor described how this one class changed the trajectory of her life. She bought the forest bathing book, went to Japan to study under the author, Dr. Qing Li, traveled to Europe soon after to visit the forests there, and came back to be a forest bathing practitioner. They hope to be able to offer a course on forest bathing from this practitioner in the near future.

These are the stories that inspire The Alchemist’s Kitchen to continue to expand their offerings and create a community that continues to learn and evolve.

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Arlene Huff is the founding member of Golden State Online. Before that She was a general assignment reporter. A native Californian, she graduated from the University of California with a degree in medical anthropology and global health. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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