Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Markham, ON – Terawatt Solar offers personalized rooftop solar services. The company specializes in net-metered connections to the existing electrical grid instead of offering everything related to solar. As an efficiency-centered company, the company has everything in-house, eliminating the need to outsource services from contractors. In addition to the state-of-the-art services, it is home to experienced and licensed professionals.

In continuation with its tradition of offering the best services to its clients, Terawatt Solar provides net metering services to clients in Toronto. Through the Toronto net metering experts, the client gains energy independence as they can generate their power, and if they create more than they can consume, export the excess through the grid. As a result, they receive credit for the exported power. Unlike the standard solar systems, the client does not need batteries, saving the expenses associated with batteries. 

Besides installation, Terawatt Solar assists the clients in navigating different realities associated with net metering. For example, there are regulations on producing electricity via solar in Ontario. Fortunately, the company is home to experienced and licensed professionals that assist the clients in navigating rules, guidelines, and other amendments on producing solar energy in Ontario. 

In addition to doing all the legwork for the clients in terms of rules governing solar energy production, the company provides advisory services such as the right sizing. In Ontario, any credit accumulated in 12 months is often reset to zero. Therefore, the right-sizing of the solar system is needed to avoid oversizing the solar power system. 

Besides being a reliable solar installer, the company has unmatched warranties for its clients. Since the company sources all the equipment directly from top-tier manufacturers, clients get warranties between 10 to 25 years, depending on the product. In addition to manufacturers’ warranties on the solar products, the company offers an installer’s warranty on all the installations. So, regardless of the installation size, the client is assured of no additional repair cost. 

Solar power production in Ontario and Toronto is beginning to see local and nationwide incentives. This summer, the “Greener Homes Grant” was launched. The solar panels system can benefit for up to a $5,000 grant, depending on the system size. The company is helping Toronto area homeowners with the grant application.

In addition, the installed systems add value to the client’s home. So, the client saves money on power bills and raises the value of their property. Also, clients working with the Ontario-based company reduce their carbon print, contributing to the global initiative of moving to cleaner and safer energy. 

Terawatt Solar also strives to create greener communities through its referral program. Besides benefiting from solar energy production and contributing to a greener planet, interested clients can refer family and friends. Through the program, they can earn and make their communities greener and safer. The program is also available to business owners. 

Terawatt Solar offices are at 7030 Woodbine Ave Suite 500, Markham, Ontario L3T 6G2. Interested clients can call the team at (877) 648-3323. They can also check the website for more information.

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