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Sarasota, FL: SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service offers exclusive tree removal services to commercial and residential clients during the cold winter season. Whether the tree is large or small, the company sends experts to assess it before sending an affordable quote. The experts review the best way to remove the tree without ruining the landscape or destroying the other trees. In addition to removing trees, the company offers tree stump removal services, especially if a stump makes it hard to mow the garden or prevent other plants from growing. The team uses specialized equipment and machinery to safely remove the trees and stumps. 

The tree removal Sarasota FL services are available to clients with palm trees, especially if the trees are diseased, infected, or infested. Even though palm trees carry deep meaning in Florida and symbolize the luxurious tropics, diseased trees are more dangerous to the other healthy ones. For a better outcome, the team evaluates the trees affected before removing them for a more accurate outcome. If the affected trees are not severely infected, the team may opt for other options, such as treating the trees instead of cutting them. 

SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service also offers emergency tree removal services, especially after storms. Once contacted, the team arrives at the client’s property to assess the damages caused by the tree, and while at the scene, the experts make key decisions such as the removal needs. Also, the experts check the extent of the damages, primarily on the property and other trees, assisting them in executing the task properly. Besides helping clients in emergency cases, the company offers preventive services such as tree bracing, especially if the client has weak trees. 

SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service also offers tree trimming and pruning services to clients with infected and overgrown branches. While the two services are closely related, trimming is mainly to “tidy up” the tree, and pruning removes the infected branches and prevents the disease from spreading to other trees. The experts evaluate the tree and determine the percentage of the branches to be removed. In addition, the team uses modern equipment when pruning or trimming the trees to encourage more growth and not suppress the tree. 

SRQ Tree Care & Removal Service is located at 2nd St, Sarasota, FL 34236, US. For tree removal and trimming, interested clients can contact the company at (941) 584-3148 to speak to a representative. For more information, visit their website.

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