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Dallas, TX – SpinalWorks Medical Group is an integrated healthcare facility that provides medical care, chiropractic care, and physical rehabilitation all under one roof to improve the health and lives of patients faster for long-term results. Located in uptown Dallas, the facility operates in a comfortable, serene, and warm environment that encourages the creation of lasting bonds with the patients and the community. 

Since its inception in 2015, SpinalWorks Medical Group has been run by a team of highly qualified, well-trained, passionate, and experienced chiropractors, healthcare professionals, and staff who have transformed healthcare in Dallas and other surrounding areas. They have helped patients with minor and chronic conditions get back to living uninhibited by offering customized treatment plans, an approach that has earned the facility many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials. 

The team takes pride in providing natural therapy combined with other medical solutions to treat their patients based on their unique needs and future health goals. SpinalWorks Medical Group also uses the latest medical technologies to conduct examinations, current techniques to offer relief, and industry-approved medication. 

SpinalWorks Medical Group is a Dallas Chiropractic center that focuses on diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders such as back pain, herniated discs, or decreased range of motion in limbs. The chiropractors are trained to conduct spinal adjustments that eliminate spinal misalignments in the spine that affect movement, reflexes, and bodily sensations.

While they specialize in spinal adjustments, chiropractors also work with their patients to improve their postures, evaluate their ergonomics, and recommend exercises to keep them functioning at peak levels. They also work with nurse practitioners, massage therapists, and rehab technicians to develop a treatment plan that will not only provide long-term relief but also correct a patient’s condition in the shortest time possible. 

The main goal of SpinalWorks Dallas is to seek the root cause of pain, injuries, or disease and provide quick, effective, and long-term medical solutions for patients with different conditions. The team sees patients with herniated discs, lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, disc degeneration, neck pain, and upper back pain. They also take care of patients with osteoarthritis in the knee, wrist, hand, foot, ankle, shoulder, and elbow. 

In addition to chiropractic care, SpinalWorks Medical Group specializes in spinal decompression, knee and joint injections, auto collision care, trigger point injections, sciatica relief, Vitamin B12 injections, and medically supervised weight loss. 

As a comprehensive healthcare facility, the medical professionals at SpinalWorks Medical Group are also passionate about educating and empowering their clients. They do so by writing insightful articles on a range of topics including, headache prevention tips, wearable fitness technology, stretching tips, metabolism, inflammation, and more. 

Individuals searching for natural therapies to manage their conditions can reach out to SpinalWorks Medical Group at (214) 296-0269. They are located at 2821 Routh St Dallas, Dallas, TX, 75201, US. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit the chiropractor’s website. 

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