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Chicago, IL:  Solar One Illinois works with large public and private organizations with high energy costs and tax liability enabling them to own & install solar panels, which reduces their electricity bills by 15-30%. The installation through their proprietary program requires a zero upfront investment since the project is fully paid for by incentives. These include the extremely compelling Illinois state SRECs, ComEd rebate and federal tax credit subsidies. The company front-loads these subsidies beforehand, making it possible for them to pay for the costs of the solar system. Clients only share a portion of their savings on the tax until the project is fully paid off. 

Besides the over 40 completed commercial solar projects, they also have dozens of additional solar panels near Chicago currently under contract. They have handled projects for schools districts, manufacturing, retail, multifamily, and other commercial properties. The company spokesperson had this to say regarding the solar project, “As a company, we sat down with various companies to find out reasons that were holding them back from implementing a solar project. We then came up with a solution that removes all our client’s pain points and any barrier that would prevent them from owning solar. By ensuring the solar project is 100 % paid for, we eliminated most of the hindrances enabling most companies to embrace the life-changing projects regardless of the state where your business is located.”

Commercial solar in Illinois has many benefits, with the key being the immediate return on investment by month one. There are reduced electricity expenses in the first month by up to 20% cutting energy bills by between 15-30%. Compared to a PPA where they don’t own the solar array, or cash/loan purchase, where the payback timeline averages around 4-7 years, their new proprietary energy savings program has allowed businesses to invest in solar without the risk. Solar equipment also increases property value. Besides the benefits, Solar One assumes all the risks and also maintains the system for free until the system is fully paid off. To pay for the system cost, all they require is a share of a percentage of the savings made from tax advantages. Their contract is freely assignable in case a client decides to sell their facility, and the project comes with a 25-year warranty. 

With the solar project, there are no construction payments or capital expenditure budget requirements from the company. The company owns the project without the requirement to share 80 % of the benefits with a third party.

The company has a portfolio of various solar projects on its websites. The highlights include the solar capacity, the annual savings by the companies, and the percentage of energy offset by the sun. Their projects come with battery storage systems that protect against outages and peak demand charges. Solar One is registered by NABCEP as a provider. The company is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association and accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a trustworthy company with minimal customer complaints.

Solar One Illinois is headquartered at 1307 Shermer Rd Suite 110, Northbrook, IL, 60062, USA. They can be reached by phone at (312) 467-7733. Visit their website for a portfolio of their various commercial projects and more information on their services.

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