Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Roanoke, VA – Sleep Essentials has launched another mattress store at Roanoke in addition to its Henrico, Richmond, and Raleigh branches. The store is strategically situated to improve accessibility for the existing and potential clients and has warranted sleep essentials, including mattresses with up to 10 years warranty. They have introduced flexible payment plans allowing payment of a fixed amount in 4 instalments, without interest, on specific purchases. The company manufactures its mattresses using technology-based techniques that have proved their products as a source of comfort and support for users, including those with medical conditions, aches, and pains. The new store has a range of products, including latex and spring mattresses, adjustable beds, latex pillows, sheets, and other sleep essentials. All their products are offered at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Sleep Essentials’ new mattress store near Roanoke has well-trained and experienced sales associates who assist clients in finding products that suit their needs. This mattress manufacturer has adopted technology for innovation and manufacturing to produce quality mattresses and sleep essentials as per the industry’s trends. The company spokesperson had this to say about their services, “Our products are proven, technology-based high-quality mattresses that provide optimal support and comfort for a better night’s rest. There is a lot to your bed besides the mattress; from foundations to sheets and pillows, you’ll be able to find everything you need to sleep soundly. We  have established multiple locations so that you can easily get the perfect mattress close to home.”

Sleep Essentials’ new mattress company in Roanoke provides more accessibility to residents in and around the area. The variety of products within the store ensure each client’s needs are met by either one or more of the company’s sleep essentials. Their technology-based products are useful for people with backaches, joint pains, and other health conditions and even those who are physically healthy. The orthopedic features of some of their mattresses and adjustable beds are additional health benefits. Also, the warrantied purchases relieve clients of the need to replace the warranted product by offering a free replacement in case the damage resulted from the manufacturer’s fault.

In addition to the manufacture and sale of mattresses and sleep essentials, the company provides consulting services through its sales associates. Their staff listens to the client’s inquiries and provides information on the best products that meet the needs communicated. 

Sleep Essentials’ new store is located at 3542 Orange Ave NE, Roanoke, Virginia, 24012, USA, for in-person visits, consultations, and purchases. For online consultations, inquiries and purchases, contact the company team by calling (540) 397-2337. Visit the company website for additional information on their new store at Roanoke and their quality sleep essentials and mattresses. 

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