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Kirkland, WA – Simply Leak Detection is an underground leak detection company that detects leaks for clients in Kirkland and its surroundings. By detecting leaks, Simply Leak Detection helps clients save on the cost of heavy water bills, damages by the leaking water, and digging throughout the property in pursuit of elusive leaks. The company uses non-invasive techniques to detect the point of the leak. Once the company’s team has detected the leak, it marks the point on the client’s property to expose it so a plumber can easily see it.

Simply Leak Detection offers residential leak detection to the residents of Kirkland, WA. One form of residential leak service is underground identification of leaks in mainline water pipes serving a client’s house. These include water pipes serving bathrooms, kitchens, and pools. Another form of this service is underground leak identification on clients’ irrigation systems. Irrigation pipelines tend to serve large landscapes making leak identification quite a hassle. The company- water leak detection Kirkland, comes in handy in detecting leaks on such pipelines. The company also offer leak identification services in water pipes laid under concrete slabs, including slab on grade foundations and driveways.

Commercial leak detection is also offered by the company. This service aims at identifying leakages from underground main water pipes in business premises. Clients with large irrigation fields may find it difficult to detect leaks given the extensive nature of fields. Simply Leak Detection has a team of professionals who will accurately check and identify the exact points of the leaks on client’s irrigation farms. The company also identifies leakages below driveways and parking lots of commercial properties. In addition, the company also detects leakages below building concrete slabs.

Apart from detecting leaks from water pipes, Simply Leak Detection identifies leaks from fire suppression pipes. The company inspects fire mains in residential and commercial properties. This way, it identifies leaks from such mains and reduces associated losses. Also, the company detects leaks from fire mains, laid below: driveways, building slabs, or parking lots.

Clients need to note that Simply Leak Detection only identifies and exposes leaks. The company does not repair them. Once the company’s plumbing leak detection Kirkland team identifies the leak, customers are given referrals to contact plumbers to schedule repairs. Simply Leak Detection identifies leaks through an indoor leak survey, a method of identifying leaks located in hidden places such as ceilings and walls. The survey begins by inspecting the site using a moisture meter and thermal imaging. If the leak originates from drywalls, the next action is to drill a one-inch test hole and locate the exact point using an inspection camera. This way, most surveys end with a 100% positive leak identification with little damage.

Visit Simply Leak Detection for Premium underground plumbing leak detection and related services at 11335 NE 122nd Way Suite 105, Kirkland, WA 98034. For inquiries, give them a call at 425-658-2080 or visit their website.

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