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Shopify Plus vs Magento: Calculating Shipping Costs

Shipping is a key part of your online business! Depending on your shipping strategy and ecommerce platform you are using, shipping can also represent a huge expense in your business. Let’s see how Shopify Plus and Magento calculate shipping costs.

Having troubles choosing between Shopify Plus and Magento?

The way they calculate shipping costs, the shipping rates, and methods they offer seem good enough reason to decide which platform is better for your online store.

Calculating Shipping Costs: Shopify Plus vs Magento

With Shopify, all shipping couriers base the shipping rates or fees on a few different factors such as package size, package weight, origin country, and destination tracking.

It can be challenging to compare services as they all provide different options and every online store has its own unique variables.

The best way to calculate shipping costs is to use Shopify Shipping Calculator. It is super easy to use (add all information necessary and click calculate).

Some of the most popular and largest shipping couriers you can use are:

  • USPS Shipping Calculator
  • Canada Post Shipping Calculator
  • UK Royal Mail Shipping Calculator
  • Australia Post Shipping Calculator
  • UPS Shipping Calculator
  • FedEx Shipping Calculator

In order to be successful, you need to consider your profit margins. Shipping represents a huge expense for online store owners and if you don’t do your research, you could end up in bankrupt.

Discuss your shipping strategy with some of the Shopify experts and see if that strategy is the best option for your online store.

Magento also offers Shipping Cost Calculator that enables clients to estimate the shipping costs for a specific order or different products at one click. With the shipping cost calculator, no manual calculating is needed.

The calculator reduces steps for users by using the function of auto-detecting location. This means they don’t need to add the information manually.

With Magento Shipping Cost Calculator, you can calculate the shipping cost based on AJAX technology. You will inform your customers how much they should pay for the shipping service so they can decide whether the price suits them.

Both, Shopify and Magento can help you calculate the shipping fees. It is up to you to decide which ecommerce platform is best for your online store.

If you are ready to deliver the best, Shopify has the tools, features, and services you need to start and grow a successful business with affordable shipping rates.