Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Shawnee, OK – Jade Hydroponics Store is an online hydroponics store that is serving the needs of plant lovers in and around Shawnee, OK. The online store has an abundance of the different products that hydroponics farmers need to grow their gardens and plants successfully. Focused on making shopping for hydroponics supplies easier, the online platform has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Visitors and customers can easily move from one section to another while adding the needed products to their online cart for purchases.

The online marketplace for the hydroponics store near Shawnee carries a wide range of products needed for hydroponics plant growth and development. One of the product categories is the Nutrient section which offers an array of products in different sizes, including 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallons, and 275 Gallons. Shoppers will have access to products like Bloom A, Bloom B, Grow A, Grow B, PK, CaMg, Balance, Cleanse, Stack, Pro Core, Pro Bloom, Pro-Grow, Bloombastic, Grotek Monster Bloom 0-50-30, BioAg Ful-Power, Grotek VitaMax Plus 1-1-2, House and Garden Root Excelurator Gold, House and Garden Shooting Powder 0-0.9-0.2 Sachet 5/Cs, and more.

Visitors on the website can also browse the Plant Care category to shop for some of the most important products needed for their plant’s care, including IPM, Mildew Control, Alchemist Isopropyl Alcohol, Dramm Rain Wand Touch N Flow, Dramm One Touch Rain Wand 30 in Blue, Green Cleaner Quart, Grower’s Edge Soft Mesh Trellis Netting 5 ft x 15 ft w/ 6 in Squares, and more. The online marketplace also offers different hydroponics trays like Botanicare OD Tray 4 ft x 4 ft – Black, Botanicare OD Tray 3 ft x 3 ft, Botanicare OD Tray 3 ft x 6 ft, EcoPlus Eco 100 Fixed Flow Submersible Only Pump 100 GPH, EcoPlus Large Round Air Stone, EcoPlus Medium Round Air Stone, and more.

Other hydroponics supplies in Shawnee on the website include Meters and Dosers like Bluelab Combo Meter, Bluelab Guardian Monitor, Bluelab Replacement pH probe, Bluelab pH pen, and Bluelab Guardian Monitor Power. Visitors can also shop from other categories like climate control products, Grow Lights like Hortilux LU 1000 DE / HTL – Double Ended, Luxx DE 1000w HPS 208-240v Fixture, and Luxx DE 1000w HPS Pro Lamp. 

Buy Grow Media and Propagation supplies from Jade Hydroponics Store by visiting the online store or call 4054325053 for help. The store is physically located at 424 W 10th St., Shawnee, OK 74801.

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Jade Hydroponics Store
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