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Xiamen, China – SAMODRA is a brand under Xiamen Hengyi Technology Co., Ltd. offering eco-friendly solutions that reduce the use of toilet paper. The SAMODRA brand is popular for its electronic and non-electronic bidets, which have proved helpful in improving user hygiene and reducing the use of toilet papers. Not only has their line of bidets reduced toilet paper use, but it has also addressed other issues like drain clogs and sewage backup. The spokesperson for the company, Xiuping Chen, noted that the SAMODRA brand will continue to work hard to ensure that consumers have access to functional and aesthetic products that boost hygiene and improve environmental health.

Describing the advantages of bidets over toilet paper use, Xiuping Chen noted that toilet papers are not essentially ideal for hygiene purposes. He added that toilet papers often smear fecal matter on the skin thus creating a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. Also, the smear may cause a foul odor which may create a less than ideal social image for the affected person. With the SAMDORA bidets, users have been able to avoid health, hygiene, and social embarrassment while also preventing anal tears that are common with the use of tissue papers.

With its eco-friendly bidets, SAMODRA has also been able to improve water use efficiency for its users without compromising environmental balance. Consumers who use their range of bidets can now get more value for money while also reducing water wastage while in the restroom. Users also stand a chance to enjoy other health benefits, including cleaner hands after using the restroom thus preventing the spread of germs and disease. Pregnant women who may have trouble cleaning up while in the restroom due to their current physiological state can also take advantage of bidets to clean up nicely while promoting healthy hygienic practices.

The SAMODRA brand focuses on making bidets available to all and so has designed a range of bidets to meet the specific needs of different classes of consumers. Men and women can shop for the perfect bidets for them on the company’s website to get started. The company’s online marketplace lists various bidet types, including the SAMODRA minimalist bidets, button bidets, button bidet pro, spa bidet with hot and cold-water function, twist bidet, elongated bidet seats, bamboo bidet seat, etc.

Consumers can also visit their website to learn more about the various bidet attachments that are available for their comfort needs. Visit the SAMODRA brand’s website to shop for quality bidets or email them via

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