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Lakeland, FL – People suffering from chronic pain often find it difficult to perform otherwise simple tasks. The simple act of playing with children, walking up the stairs, or any other activity that involves movement can become a nightmare when suffering from any type of chronic pain. While there are many solutions for pain relief, most only offer momentary relief. Although surgery may be a permanent solution, the recovery process can be lengthy, not to mention the risks that always come with surgical procedures. 

On the other hand, regenerative medicine has become one of the most sought-after alternatives for treating chronic pain. Many individuals have found a solution to their constant discomfort and pain through biological treatments capable of stimulating the body’s self-healing process. For people living with chronic pain in Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding areas, QC Kinetix (Lakeland) is a leading clinic specializing in regenerative medicine treatments, run by fully licensed specialists with vast experience in helping patients properly treat their chronic pain. 

QC Kinetix (Lakeland) is a proud representative of the multi-location franchise, QC Kinetix, which has built a solid reputation nationwide thanks to the professionalism of its staff and the quality of its services. This clinic aims to offer the best in regenerative medicine by carefully assessing patients’ needs and creating a tailor-made treatment plan with customized therapies and treatments. 

“QC Kinetix offers patients regenerative medical treatments, providing them with advanced solutions to their constant soreness and pain. Our treatments combine various techniques that leverage your body’s natural healing capabilities, encouraging joint and tissue repair at your body’s cellular level. By doing this, our solutions reduce inflammation and offer lasting pain relief.” Said the representative for QC Kinetix (Lakeland) regarding their high-quality treatments. 

The non-surgical regeneration treatments are used to address a variety of conditions, including knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, joint pain, elbow pain, foot pain, ankle pain, tendon, ligament and muscle pain, low back pain, as well as any other chronic pain caused by a musculoskeletal condition or injury. The clinic also offers appropriate services to high-performance athletes with sports-related injuries or other types of injuries associated with sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis. Visit the clinic’s website to learn more about shoulder pain relief in Lakeland

QC Kinetix (Lakeland) uses natural techniques that can help improve activity, sleep, and overall quality of life for those undergoing treatment. These treatments have shown significant improvements, preventing patients from relying on medication or undergoing surgery. The process is virtually painless and safe, as after decreasing inflammation in the affected area, injectable therapy, and connective tissue supplements are used to help regulate the body’s healing factors. 

Those looking for regenerative medicine near Lakeland may contact QC Kinetix (Lakeland) via phone at (813) 305-3000. This clinic is located at 3131 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Suite 4, Lakeland, FL, 33805. For more information about their services or to book an appointment via e-form, visit the clinic’s website. 

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