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Jamisontown, NSW: Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy offers different therapy services to a wide range of patients. The Penrith Physio provides customised treatments for patients – from those suffering from chronic pain to those recovering from sports injuries. In addition to the wide range of services, the NDIS approved physiotherapy clinic is home to experienced and qualified professionals who know how to treat and deal with various conditions.  

For patients looking for a physio near Penrith,  Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy are experts at providing personalised physiotherapy. Their staff are able to assess and treat all manner of candidates that require physiotherapy. It is available to workers, sports participants, and other patients experiencing injuries and pain. Patients with TMJ/Jaw disorders and those looking for preventive management may also benefit from the service. For better results, the professionals assess the patient before treating any musculoskeletal injuries. Afterward, the clinic offers hands-on treatment, self-management techniques, and exercise prescriptions based on the assessment. 

A large component of Progressive Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy is exercise physiotherapy in Penrith. The service is available to patients with diabetes, musculoskeletal injuries, weight issues, and those that want to improve their sports performance. Patients that want to modify their lifestyles or control blood pressure are also candidates for the service. For maximum results, the patient is fully assessed before an exercise program is formulated for them. It also focuses on customising each program, emphasising achievable, practice, and evidence-based principles. Besides opening doors to all patients, the clinic provides the services under Medicare, Department of Veteran Affairs, Workers Compensation, private matters, and Compulsory Third Party. 

Another program that they offer is Hydrotherapy. This service is available to patients with musculoskeletal injuries and those with chronic diseases. Also, those with (pre and post) operative conditions can benefit from the services. Like all other treatments, the physiotherapists customise the programs for maximum results and consider patients’ different responses to therapies.  This treatment involves exercises in a controlled pool with ideal temperatures. The heat from the water helps muscles relax, especially if tight, plus water is naturally therapeutic. In addition to providing buoyancy — and reducing the patient’s weight — the therapy is ideal for those transitioning to land-based exercises. 

Sports recovery and workers rehabilitation are other areas that the clinic excels in. They provide screening and the latest technology, such as AXIT, to identify and determine potential injuries. Since the three services are available to specific people, the professionals curate therapy sessions based on the patient’s needs. For example, sports injury and screening services are specifically available to sports participants recovering from injuries. In addition, the rehabilitation programs aimed at reducing the risk factors — for the workers and athletes — by offering more tips after treatments on avoiding injuries. 

Interested patients can call the practice at 02 4721 7798 to talk to a professional. The clinic is located at 4/29 York Road, Jamisontown, NSW, 2750. Check the website for more information.

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Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy
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