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Pasadena, CA Pasadena Music Academy, formerly Modern Music School, nurtures emerging and existing music talents through in-person and virtual music lessons. Currently, it has over 500 students enrolled in its programs, learning various music instrument lessons, including piano, guitar, voice, drums, bass, violin, viola, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, flute, ukulele, and clarinet, as well as DJ and music production.

This academy was established on the philosophy that students learn faster when they enjoy the learning process. With this in mind, they have developed an interactive and exciting curriculum designed for every individual learning needs and pace and is conducted by talented instructors.

One of Pasadena Music Academy’s programs is the Animal Adventure in Music, a private music lesson for children between the ages of 3-6. Unlike other programs offered at this age bracket, this curriculum exposes kids to instruments using fun games and activities and note reading, accompanied by homework. Students are further engaged on ten instruments on a series of 10 levels on 10 themed books, which will teach them about music symbols, read and clap from quarter to sixteen notes, and three octaves of grand staff notes.

Pasadena Music Academy’s instructors motivate their students, including beginners, ongoing students, and adults, by issuing a unique level-up system in the form of stickers, certificates, and wristbands. This offers children challenges to achieve their desired goals and reminds them of their accomplished tasks. Moreover, the academy boosts students’ confidence by organizing concerts and recitals in spring and winter, early May and December, respectively, at the Boston Court Theatre in Pasadena.

Speaking more about their music programs, Pasadena Music Academy’s representative noted, “With a wide variety of instruments being taught, your family can make Pasadena Music Academy a one-stop-shop for your entire family’s music lessons. We welcome aspiring musicians for all experience levels and any age, even adults.”

Pasadena Music Academy prioritizes its clients’ safety, which is why all staff members and faculty are background-checked before hiring. The management has also installed security cameras in all rooms with two-month video footage and an open door policy for parents and guardians to check their children’s lessons anytime.

Other social amenities available for parents include free Wi-Fi, magazines, refreshments, such as coffee, tea, charging ports for devices, and free parking spaces. They also offer massage pillows and coloring books to little ones. Pasadena Music Academy is an approved vendor for various Charter Schools, including Inspire Charter Schools, Blue Ridge Academy, SkyMountain, iLead, Golden Valley, SageOak, Excel Academy, and Epic Charter.

Pasadena, CA residents interested in improving loved ones and their music talent can try Pasadena Music Academy for a free quote by calling 626-578-9242 or visiting the company’s website. The academy is located at 2982 East Colorado Blvd #111, Pasadena, CA, 91107, US.¬†

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