Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Bronx, NY – Native Concrete & Sidewalk is the go-to sidewalk repair company in New York City. They offer sidewalk and curb repair services, including 24-hour emergency sidewalk replacement services. The repairs vary in magnitude depending on the damage. Some may require path work, full-blown repairs, or a total replacement.

The city of New York prioritizes public safety, and any kind of sidewalk and curb damage is not tolerated. Any defects are therefore considered a health hazard to pedestrians and a violation of DOT regulations. The violation must be repaired within 75 days, failure to which DOT handles the work and bills the customer. Property owners are responsible for sidewalk repairs on the damage found on their property. Native Concrete & Sidewalk provides first-rate sidewalk and curb repair services. 

Sidewalk and curb damage are unavoidable and caused by age,  normal wear and tear, shifting ground, and tree roots. The company addresses many common sidewalk problems and common violations, including sidewalk cracks, breakages, exposed hardware, improper slope, and missing and damaged curb sections. Native Concrete & Sidewalk provides quick work that addresses the violation to the letter to ensure a client avoids paying hefty fines and their property is code compliant.

One of Native Concrete & Sidewalk’s key values is integrity, and the team does all it can to ensure clients do not spend large amounts of money for full repairs when it’s not necessary. In such cases, they use low-cost ways to address the problem through sidewalk patchwork. The sidewalk repair and patchwork done by the company specialists pay off in the long run. The process is not only quick and non-invasive but also cheaper compared to a full-blown repair. A good patch can last many years.

The company spokesperson had this to say about their services, “Whether you need sidewalk patchwork repair or a full-blown DOT violation repair, you can count on us to provide quality work at a great price. With our know-how, and years of experience, we can expertly address even your most complex sidewalk repairs.”

The Bronx sidewalk replacement expert has many years of experience in the industry. Its mission is to provide the highest quality work for all sidewalk repair needs. Native Concrete & Sidewalk is located at 2960 Waterbury Ave, Bronx, New York, 10461, US. Clients can call the company at 917-975-9066 for inquiries or visit their website for more information on the various services.

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