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Marrickville, NSW – For years, podiatry has been used to offer individuals with foot and ankle disorders a variety of benefits to address their chronic conditions. People with Achilles tendinopathy, recurring ankle pain, heel pain, bunions, fractures, and other causes of foot pain have relied on different podiatric treatments to address their disorders. Movement 101 is one of the leading podiatrists in Marrickville, NSW with many years of experience helping its clients to improve their health through dependable podiatric services. 

Movement 101  is operated by fully certified podiatrists with the experience and resources to help prevent or treat existing foot problems. They specialize in all types of lower limb pain and injuries such as plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain or foot arch pain, forefoot injuries such as metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, as well as other causes of forefoot pain. The team also addresses turf toe & plantar plate injury, shin splints, and leg pain, Achilles tendinopathy, Peroneal tendinopathy & Sinus tarsi syndrome, recurring ankle sprains, chronic knee pain (e.g., Jumper’s Knee, Runner’s Knee), skin injuries such as corns and callus on the feet, blisters, damaged or ingrown toenails, etc. 

Movement 101’s specialists use cutting-edge technology and a range of advanced podiatry treatments and products such as orthotics, shockwave therapy, sports injury treatment, diabetic foot treatment, biomedical assessments, 3D foot scanning & orthotics, skin, blister, and nail care, etc. Their podiatric techniques and products are designed to get significant results from the first appointment by helping clients relieve pain, improve movement, speed up recovery, and build fitness and strength.​

Regarding their podiatric services and how the centre combines them with other treatments, the company’s representative says, “Movement 101 uses a range of advanced Podiatry techniques to get results clients can feel from their very first appointment. They’re designed to improve patients’ well-being. Also, depending on individual patient needs, the centre often combines total care Podiatry services with Physio, Pilates or Exercise Physiology programs to achieve the very best possible results.”

In addition to top-rated podiatric services, Movement 101 specializes in physiotherapy to address different neuromuscular disorders such as back, spine or neck pain, disc injuries, lack of movement or strength, chronic pain, traumatic injuries, ongoing headaches, recovery treatment, work injuries, whiplash, and other vehicle injuries, etc. 

Although Movement 101 is not the only physical therapy provider in Marrickville, NSW, its name stands out among its competitors by offering highly effective and personalized services. Its specialists provide services for patients of all ages and fitness conditions, creating a customized plan with different options such as exercise physiology, Movement 101 pilates, and remedial massage. This practice is preferred for many athletes and people of all ages in general, as they provide premier solutions for different needs. 

Contact Information

Movement 101 is located at Shop 2/198 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, NSW 2204. For inquiries about their Marrickville physio, contact the office via phone at 02 9518 1585. For additional information regarding their services or to book an appointment, visit the clinic’s website.

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Company Name
Movement 101
Contact Name
02 9518 1585
Shop 2/198 Marrickville Rd

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