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Complete Medical Weight Loss and Anti-Aging provides medically supervised weight loss and anti aging programs to their clients.   These FDA-approved prescriptions and clinically proven therapies are based on a patient’s medical history, blood work, and licensed clinician’s assessments.  Unlike many of the competitor weight loss clinics on the market, the Naturopathic Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at Complete Medical Weightloss and Anti Aging, are trained and licensed professionals who help to coordinate weight loss and health goals alongside the coaching staff.   Weight loss and anti aging therapies require a combination of a holistic approach to health and wellness in conjunction with medical prescriptions and supplements to support the overall success of the program.   The practitioners and coaching staff work together to ensure they facilitate personalized care with diagnostic tests to ensure the effort is safe and effective for long term success while providing on going support that is non-judgmental, understanding, and easy to follow for a healthy and sustainable program.

The team at Complete Weight Loss and Anti Aging understands that a person and their lifestyle is far more than a number on the scale. Through a host of treatments, including using FDA approved medications to help support the patient through the program like phentermine, HCG for weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, along with Peptide therapy for anti-aging and stem cell therapy for regeneration of the bodies natural healing and repair mechanisms.  The clinic has a success rate of over 90% for patients that lose weight and keep it off, while continuing to optimize their health and lifestyle with ongoing therapies.   The reality is, people who invest large amounts of money into a weight loss program that claim they are doctor supervised, but never see a doctor or do bloodwork are given an extremely low-calorie diet without a transition to a lifestyle diet to keep it off.  They are inadvertently jeopardizing their health and wellbeing, as well as their pocket book.

For weight loss to be successful, it needs to be complementary, alternative, and integrative,” according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).  

Integrative health brings together conventional and complementary approaches. This means that multimodal intervention that includes lifestyle changes, psychotherapy, and conventional medicine that is approved by the FDA. These combinations of treatments focus on the whole person, rather than trying to isolate one issue.  Because weight gain can occur due to age and hormonal variations, it is critical that professionals include hormone replacement therapy to their weight loss plan. Through a well-coordinated program created by licensed professionals at Complete Medical Weight Loss and Anti Aging, a person is able to improve and restore their health and wellness on a holistic level. What separates this team from the rest are the medically trained professionals who institute supervised programs throughout the life cycle of the client’s journey.

Successful aging is one of the most important needs of our fast-aging population. At present, worldwide numbers of people aged >60 years and >80 years reach 671 million and 80 million, respectively. Aging of the population is even more important in developed countries, and effective anti aging should be a priority according to the National Center of Biotechnology Information.”  

At Complete Medical Weight Loss and Anti Aging, growing older does not mean a person needs to feel old. When a person ages, they can experience memory loss, fat gain, loss of libido, osteoporosis, and decreased brain function. While eating, and exercising do go a long way in anticipating the common issues that are associated with aging, a physician-supervised anti-aging program will help to slow the onset of aging issues. Complete Medical’s team promotes healthy aging, allowing patients to live a healthier and longer life. The team at Complete Medical understands that weight loss and anti aging does not come with a one-size-fits-all approach, and as such, each patient is tested and assigned a customizable program according to their needs. Through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), low testosterone treatments, and anti-aging peptide therapy, the medical professionals at Complete Medical, help patients stay healthy.    

With offices in Idaho, and Washington, Complete Medical Weight Loss and Anti Aging, is available for a free personal consultation. Offering diagnostics testing labs, licensed Medical doctors, Nurse Practitioners, health coaches, Body contouring machines and supplements.  Complete Medical offers true medically supervised programs that use FDA prescriptions and all natural plans for weight loss and wellness. Programs are customizable and tailored to the patient’s specific needs, making them only a call away for an entire lifetime of healthy living.

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