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Chatham, NJ – Manta Property Service Group (Manta PSG) is a full-service contractor cleaning, restoring, and remodeling homes and business premises from a sorry state to a beautiful state. The company majors in kitchen remodeling, water damage restoration, bathroom remodeling, mold remediation, basement construction, and reconstruction. Through its array of services, Manta PSG helps in restoring the face of dilapidated properties. The company has a staff that is well-trained in managing Schluter systems for baths and kitchens. Manta PSG is indeed a top-notch company that is recommendable to anyone wishing to improve the state of his home or business premises.

The top service offered by Manta PSG is kitchen remodeling. Through kitchen remodeling, the company improves the state of tired and drab kitchens. The company has the skills required for kitchen remodeling activities. Examples of such activities include: fixing of new cabinets, updating of appliances, flooring, and integration of new outlets into kitchen surfaces. These activities help bring new life to clients’ kitchens.

Manta PSG equally helps restore buildings from water damages. Water damages through flooding and excess moisture prevent a property owner from fully using or accessing all the parts. Manta PSG helps restore the situation by reversing it. While providing water restoration services, the company gladly offers clients fast, free estimates, thus ensuring a transparent process.

Another service offered by Manta PSG is bathroom remodeling. Cramped bathrooms tend to be irritating. Toiletries drop from overloaded shelves. The faded color is discomforting. The Manta Property Service Group- Chatham Bathroom Remodeling helps remodel bathrooms by offering activities such as: fixing niches in the showers, laying ornamental tiles and fixtures, improving lighting, fixing hot tubs equipped with hydrotherapy jets, and installing heated and water-efficient toilets. This way, the client is sure to get a bathroom that meets his needs.

Molded surfaces are unattractive and pose serious health risks. Flooding, water damages, and stormy and snowy weather are likely to create molds. Fortunately, Manta PSG helps in mold remediation. The company is experienced in the safe and effective management of molds. The team uses the best products to manage the mold problem once and for all before repairing the damages. This helps restore the appearance of surfaces. Clients are equally freed from health risks posed by the molds.

Manta PSG helps clients add more space and value to their homes and premises by excavating and finishing basements. Manta PSG also helps expand, finish, or excavate basements. The company works directly with its clients to develop basement plans that suit clients’ needs.

The company also offers reconstruction to customers who experience serious property damages. Damages may occur due to: fire hazards, rot, flooding, mold invasion, accidents, and prior construction issues. The Chatham Remodeling Company has the required expertise to deal with such kinds of damages. For clients with unique types of damages, the company offers customized solutions.

Manta Property Service Group is located at 58 River Rd unit B, Chatham, New Jersey, 07928. For general inquiries, contact their team by calling (973) 453-0289. For any additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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Manta Property Service Group
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