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Pleasant Grove, UT: Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson has redefined mortgage banking in Utah through its personalized services for more than a decade. It has assisted clients in refinancing their mortgages and others to buy their dream homes. It is licensed in 48 states, and in Utah, the Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson has helped clients access the company’s loan services. 

For clients looking for a mortgage loan broker near Pleasant Grove, Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson has many products for different homeowners. One of the primary services offered by the entity is the conventional loan. It has a fixed rate, and the client must raise a down payment to qualify. With the loan officer’s help, the client can quickly analyze whether the loan option is ideal for them or not. Fortunately, Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson handles each client differently when seeking these financing options.  

Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson also offers Jumbo Loan, especially for clients interested in homes worth more than their conforming limit. Regardless of the limiting factors, the loan officer works with the client in creating achievable and reasonable financing deals for their new home. 

The company has Utah Housing Loans, which are customized for clients living in Utah. This loan product has flexible terms, and interest is negotiated. Besides, the loan officer provides clients with the needed information about payments and their obligations. 

Besides the financing options with negotiated interest, Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson also has customized offers for special groups. For example, the company has special loans for veterans, and the loan officers help the interested clients to apply and get VA Loans. The company also has tools that make it easier to calculate different figures such as interests. However, if they are not veterans but still interested in customized financing options, the Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson has USDA Loans with reasonable interests and offers. 

The Pleasant Grove mortgage broker offers assistance for clients interested in VA Home loans. Even though the loan option is ideal for clients in the service, finer details are needed to get the financing. The loan officer helps the client go through the fine print and understand their obligations as a recipient. Also, the officer helps in completing the paperwork, so the loan application process is seamless. The loan officer also answers all the client’s questions regarding the loan. 

In addition to its diverse financing options, Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson is client-centered. It has tools and systems that make it easier for clients to decide before applying for its loan services. Also, the services are open to all types of clients, especially new home buyers and others looking for refinancing options. Regardless of the loan service or engagement with the company, loan officer Josh Clayson is available for further consultations. 

Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson’s office is at 2100 Pleasant Grove Blvd Ste 160, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. Interested clients can call the company at (435) 224-3363. Check the website for more information. 

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Luneta Home Loans – Josh Clayson
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Josh Clayson
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