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Wrightstown, WI – USA Dance Floor LLC, founded by visionary entrepreneur Doug Heim, has revolutionized the dance floor industry with its cutting-edge Illuma Square products. As the patent owner and inventor of these remarkable LED floors, Mr. Heim’s journey began with a quest to develop a safe, thin, and sturdy LED floor, driven by a passion to elevate the dance experience to new heights. Today, the company stands tall as one of the largest and most successful LED floor manufacturers worldwide, proudly producing high-quality, American-made dance floors that have garnered acclaim for their unique aesthetics, simplicity, and reliability.

The company offers a range of versatile LED dance floor systems designed to meet various needs, from large events to intimate gatherings. The PRO System, formerly known as RGB LED DANCE FLOOR, is an awe-inspiring creation, fully DMX-controlled to produce a mesmerizing spectrum of millions of colors, including radiant whites. Its capabilities extend to crafting captivating special effects and synchronizing with music, immersing dancers in a dynamic environment. Each PRO floor panel is crafted using half-inch thick white acrylic, ensuring a durable and stunning platform for dance enthusiasts.

An enchanting upgrade to the PRO-LED system, the PRO STAR LITE System from USA Dance Floor LLC adds a sprinkling of stars across the dance floor, creating a captivating star-field effect. These stars are individually controllable via a wireless hand-held remote control, allowing for a truly customized experience. Just like its PRO counterpart, the PRO STAR LITE System responds harmoniously to sound, elevating the dance floor ambiance to another dimension.

The Economy System, previously known as ILLUMA SQUARE, is a cost-effective option tailored for home use and smaller budgets. Although more budget-friendly, this system doesn’t compromise on the dramatic LED lighting found in the Pro series. However, the Economy System does not respond to sound and lacks DMX capabilities. Nevertheless, it continues to dazzle with its vibrant colors and remains an ideal choice for those seeking a cost-effective yet captivating dance floor experience.

With USA Dance Floor LLC being the manufacturer, its team offers the unique advantage of creating custom-designed floor systems to suit individual requirements. Whether it’s an unconventional size, shape, or even a round dance floor, the team can tailor-make a solution to fit the desired specifications. They excel in tackling challenges like accommodating poles or posts in the center of the floor, displaying their dedication to delivering customer-centric solutions.

One of the standout features of the Illuma Square floors by USA Dance Floor LLC is their mere 1.25-inch thickness, making them sleek and elegant while offering unmatched sturdiness. The beveled edging adds an extra layer of security, ensuring a 100% trip-proof dance surface, thereby reducing the risk of accidents during lively dance performances. The company offers additional parts or adapters and has collaborated with other manufacturers to provide specially designed dollies and custom-built road cases for convenient transportation and storage.

For more information regarding the services offered, visit USA Dance Floor LLC. The company is located at 305 Norbert Ln, Wrightstown, WI, 54180, US. To schedule a consultation, contact their team at 9206214839. 

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