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Rosemead, California – Experienced criminal defense attorneys understand proper court procedures and the judicial system. At the Law Office of Daniel Deng, people who have been arrested or charged with a crime get access to skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys who can make a difference. Besides ensuring the clients’ interests are safeguarded, the team is focused on achieving a favorable outcome. They also provide prudent legal advice and confidence-boosting, compassionate care.

The president and CEO of the law firm, Daniel Deng, Esq, has practiced law for many years. He provides personalized legal representation and solid legal advice. As an added advantage, Daniel Deng is fluent in several languages. Other attorneys in the law firm include Darren Cornworth, Esq; Chris Hyatt, Esq; Counsel Ray Fountain; Counsel Hattersley; and Dr. Henry Lee, who is a long-serving forensic consultant. To learn about the practice, check out the Law Office of Daniel Deng alignable profile.

The firm represents clients involved in various criminal charges and infractions, including sex crimes, DUI Charges, theft crimes, drug crimes, and domestic violence. Subject to the severity of the charges, the consequences of a criminal conviction may include punitive penalties that could run into thousands of dollars, a dent in the client’s reputation, and years of jail time. No matter the charges proffered by the court, the law firm has experienced attorneys and legal approach to fight for favorable outcomes such as a reduction in charges or having the charges dropped altogether.

The Law Office of Daniel Deng has been defending clients involved in criminal charges for over two decades. For clients looking for DUI representation, the DUI Lawyer is always keen to ensure fair hearings. The law firm understands the consequences of a DUI conviction and has marshaled a team with the necessary experience to deal with the matter exhaustively. For first-time offenders facing DUI charges, the lawyer can very well negotiate a favorable deal on their behalf.

The Law Office of Daniel Deng also represents clients injured in an accident. The effects of personal injury accidents occurring due to someone else’s negligence can be overbearing and life-changing.  Daniel Deng and his team of lawyers understand these repercussions and are ready to represent injured accident victims and pursue negligence claims to the rightful conclusion. The representation can help make life easier for accident victims and give their families hope that a brighter future awaits them.

For an in-depth, no-obligation case evaluation, call (626) 280-6000 or visit the Law Office of Daniel Deng at 2112 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, California 91770, USA. For additional information regarding the criminal defense and personal injury attorney’s practice areas, visit the law firm’s website.

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