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Chambersburg, PA: Homespire Mortgage is a lender offering different financing services to clients interested in owning properties in Chambersburg. The company also provides consultation services to clients interested in professional opinions, especially on personal loans. In addition to its services, Homespire Mortgage is home to passionate, experienced, and licensed professionals. 

The mortgage lender near Chambersburg offers more Home Loan options to Chambersburg’s community. One of the most popular loan options under this category is the 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage. This loan option is popular among different clients because of its fixed interest rate and predictability in terms of monthly payments. The mortgage lender also offers a 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage, which has many similarities with the 30 years’ plan. The main difference between the two is the payment period. 

The lender also has more home loans in Chambersburg for clients looking for customized options other than the two. It offers Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). As the name suggests, the client may start a lower initial interest rate. Besides saving money for the client, the service is ideal for clients interested in refinancing or selling the home later. The company also offers FHA Loan, a service supported by the Federal Housing Administration, to clients interested in a mortgage but have a shorter credit history or do not have a good credit history. Homespire Mortgage has other special loans such as FHA 203 (K) for homeowners who favor older homes (with a character) instead of new ones. 

For veterans interested in owning homes, the lender has customized loan services. The Homespire Mortgage offers VA Loan, which the government also backs. The VA Loan has better terms for the clients who have served in the military than other services. However, for clients that do not qualify for the VA Loan but are interested in owning a home outside big cities — mainly small towns and countryside — the Homespire Mortgage offers USDA home loans. Besides being backed by the US Department of Agriculture, it has better terms than home loans for clients buying properties in big cities. 

In addition to home loans, the lender offers refinancing services. This loan service is for clients with existing home loans — from a different lender — but want to change the loan terms. The Homespire Mortgage also offers the refinancing service to clients wishing to convert a certain home equity percentage to use the cash for other needs. The company also gives the client direction regarding paperwork and the available alternatives to the open stipulated procedures. For example, if the previous loan had a clause for pre-payment penalty, the professionals from Homespire Mortgage advise on the best way forward regarding refinancing. 

The offices are at 442 Stouffer Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201. Interested clients can call the company at (717) 282-9109 to talk to a company representative. Check the website for more information regarding its services. 

* This is not a commitment to end. Eligibility for a loan or extension of credit from Homespire Mortgage Corporation is subject to completion of a loan application, credit, income, and employment qualification, and meeting established underwriting criteria. Rates and closing dates are subject to change without notice based on market conditions. See Loan Consultant for information on program income limits, buyer contribution, area median income, debt requirements, and other application details. By refinancing your existing loan, your total finances charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

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Homespire Mortgage
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