Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Evansville, IN: Hensley Legal Group, PC offers exclusive personal injury attorney services to clients injured in road accidents, especially considering Vanderburgh County experiences one of the highest traffic collisions in the state. The firm uses the available pathways to justice in assisting the client to recover lost wages, the money spent on medical bills, and the emotional impact of the car accident. Once contacted by the client, the firm does a free case review, where the attorney goes through the case details and discusses the possible outcomes. To get the case review, clients can complete the form on the firm’s website or use the chat option for directions by an attorney.  

Evansville personal injury attorney represents clients involved in truck accidents, whether a commercial truck or a government fire, garbage, or fire truck. Since Indiana uses the modified comparative fault approach when determining faultiness and later compensation, a legal representation is key in protecting the client’s interests. Also, even in cases where the truck driver is responsible, the insurance company may not offer a fair settlement. Fortunately, Hensley Legal Group, PC, is knowledgeable on laws affecting compensation limits, such as the client’s percentage of fault in a truck accident. 

Hensley Legal Group, PC also represents clients involved in motorcycle and car accidents. Like truck accidents, Indiana has unique laws which make it harder for clients without legal representation to prove negligence and later qualify for compensation. Also, the insurance company is more likely to do anything to make the client involved in a crash look like they are the negligent party. When contacted early, the firm assists the client in collecting all the available evidence to build the case and qualify for higher compensation. The attorneys also assist the client in handling all the communications from the insurance company, giving them more time to heal. 

Besides, the firm represents clients injured in slip and fall accidents. The attorney represents them in negotiations and shows, beyond doubt, that the property owner was aware of hazards such as an unmarked object on the ground and did not do anything to alert the client. In order to protect the client’s interests, the attorney investigates and uses all the available evidence to show negligence by the property owner — increasing chances for a better settlement. In addition to building a strong case, they handle all communications, protecting the client from unfavorable offers and intimidation from the insurance company and the other parties.

Clients interested in personal injury attorney services can contact the firm at (812) 437-2000. Hensley Legal Group, PC is located at 6219 Vogel Road Suite 103, Evansville, IN, 47715. Visit the website for more information. 

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