Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

San Pedro, CA: Harbor View Funding is a mortgage broker assisting clients in finding the best deals, whether they are buying their first home or looking for refinancing options. The company saves clients by comparing different loans and contacting different lenders, making it easier to get mortgages with the best deals. The company is also home to knowledgeable and qualified professionals that understand the mortgage market better.

In continuation with the company’s tradition of assisting clients interested in the services, the company offers more mortgage services. The mortgage broker assists the client in finding the best conventional mortgage offer in the market. Unlike most government-backed loans, the financing option has a high risk to the client, and the company does the legwork to find the alternatives that do not put the client’s investment at more risk. Besides finding the best lender in terms of rates, the broker helps analyze each case since different financiers often change the loan terms based on market dynamics.  

A Harbor View Funding mortgage broker also helps clients analyze rates if they are interested in an FHA Mortgage. Since the Federal Housing Administration insures the loan service, the terms may be different from the conventional mortgage offers. So, through its knowledgeable professionals, the company simplifies different aspects for the client, such as the FHA mortgage premiums and the possible effects on their financial life after getting the FHA Mortgage service. It also assists clients in contacting the financiers and, more importantly, protecting their interests in getting the service, especially first-time home buyers.

For clients interested in Jumbo Loan and VA Home Loans, the company helps compare rates and, more importantly, provides the needed information to the clients. For example, details such as qualification criteria are vital in determining whether the loan service is ideal for the client or not. Besides giving clients the needed information and showing the best rates on the website, Harbor View Funding simplifies the application process by working with qualified clients to secure the funding.

Besides offering more loan services to clients in San Pedro, Harbor View Funding is the best mortgage broker based on its relationship with clients. It provides the needed information to clients, especially first-time buyers. The agents assist the client in choosing the right loan option based on their needs and, more importantly, based on the rates. Its representatives also help the client purchase loans and, more importantly, look for the best refinance options in the market. In addition, Harbor View Funding has a home value estimator for new buyers.

The offices are at 773 W 9th St, San Pedro. Interested clients can also call Harbor View Funding at 949-309-2400 to talk to a representative regarding any services. Check the website for more information.

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