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Guyton, GA – Professional dog training is available in Savannah, GA, and the surrounding areas from Georgia Pine K9 Dog Training. Biting, uncontrollable barking, difficulty walking, jumping on guests or furniture, not listening at all, and misbehaving are all concerns that can be resolved by the Savannah Dog Training professionals. They’ve been able to turn rebellious dogs into the ideal family pet that obeys every command.

Georgia Pine K9 Dog Training’s most popular board and train program teaches dogs on and off-leash manners, recall, and much more. They have two mainboard and train bundles. On-leash and off-leash obedience are both addressed in the 3-week Board and Train Program. The dog will be able to obey directions and tasks both at home and in public. This is the most advanced version of the application. The dog will return home to the owner for the weekend at the end of each week and receive a one-hour instruction. Sit, down, heel, place, and recall are among the commands taught.

On-leash obedience is the focus of Georgia Pine K9 Dog Training – Savannah Dog Training Classes’ two-week Board and Train program. The trainer tailors each client’s training to their dog’s unique requirements. They also employ Operant Conditioning’s four quadrants. A prong collar/slip lead and a place cot are included in this service. Each client will also receive a discount on future boarding charges as well as lifetime assistance from the Georgia Pine K9 Dog Training family.

Georgia Pine K9 Dog Training also provides puppy training in Savannah, GA, and the surrounding areas. Their puppy program is similar to their other board and train options, except it’s tailored to puppies as young as 14 weeks old. This is necessary because puppies of that age are fully vaccinated, and the program lasts for four weeks. The first three weeks will be devoted to teaching obedience and laying a solid foundation. Crate training, potty training, house etiquette, socialization, and confidence development will all be included. Additionally, their personalized training will provide one-on-one time with the client and the dog, allowing them to concentrate, focus, and learn much more quickly.

While Georgia Pine K9 Dog Training provides dog training across South Carolina and Georgia, other areas catered for include Statesboro, Guyton, Bluffton, Beaufort, Richmond Hill, and Hinesville. They are located at 818 Kolic Helmey Rd, Guyton, GA, 31312, US. Call them via phone at 7192916727 and receive a free phone consultation. For more information, visit their website, fill out the form, and one of their trainers will assess the dog’s present challenges and get back with their recommendations.

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