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Fresno, CA – Larry H. Shapazian is an award-winning attorney that has been serving the Fresno workforce for years. He brings years of legal experience and a winning strategy to the table when handling employment law cases. As one of Fresno’s top employment discrimination lawyers, he focuses on delivering personalized legal services to each client by understanding their case and its uniqueness. Employees who have been discriminated against can expect one-on-one legal attention as they wade through the complexities of employment law. Larry Shapazian represents victims of discrimination by employers in Central California, including Madera, Kingsburg, Tulare, and Hanford Counties.

In the Larry Shapazian alignable profile, the employment discrimination lawyer belongs to professional bodies and associations like the Fresno County Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and the Association of Defense Counsels of Northern California. His extensive experience in handling employment law-related cases makes him a top choice for employees who have been treated differently by their employers because of their age, race, gender, nationality, orientation, religion, disability, or pregnancy. The attorney helps clients understand what discrimination in the workplace looks like and helps them pursue their case to a logical conclusion.

Employees who have been pushed over for others, denied benefits, or have been a subject of unwanted advances in the workplace can reach out to Larry H. Shapazian to discuss their situation. Those whose employment has been terminated on race, gender, religion, or another legally protected category can also schedule an appointment to speak to the Fresno Employment discrimination Lawyer. Mr. Larry H. Shapazian works to avoid courtroom trials when possible by obtaining a satisfactory out-of-court settlement that is best suited for the client. However, when such an agreement cannot be reached, clients can expect him to aggressively defend their rights while not settling for less.

Employees who have been victims of ADA discrimination, whether because their employer has refused or failed to accommodate their disability needs; has failed to hire them due to their disability; or has refused or failed to grant leave under the family and medical leave act (FMLA) can also reach out to him. Larry H. Shapazian also represents employees who have been subjected to a hostile work environment, those whose salary and labor rights have been violated, victims of employer retaliation, and workplace sexual harassment victims.

Call Larry H. Shapazian on (559) 216-0797 to discuss and schedule an initial consultation meeting. His office is at 3419 W Shaw Ave #200, Fresno, California 93711, US, and can meet with clients at scheduled times. Visit the website to learn more about his legal services.

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