Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

The recent surge in popularity of cryptocurrency among millennials has made it increasingly clear that the crypto craze is here to stay. Users of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin see it as the currency of the future and are racing to make savvy purchases now, presumably before they become more valuable. In the face of great need and mounting curiosity, Bitcoin ATM Pros (BAP) is here to help. BAP Token has one central goal: to provide easy access to cryptocurrency to as many individuals as possible around the globe. They offer Bitcoin ATMs, face-to-face over-the-counter crypto exchange, and an online crypto exchange. 

Backed with the full support of FinCEN regulatory agencies, Bitcoin ATM Pros have several automated teller machines (ATMs) around the globe. BAP provides its customers with the most convenient, efficient, and seamless way to transact anything and everything crypto related, while guaranteeing that all their customers’ transactions are 100% legitimate and secure. Founded in 2017, BAP stands firmly in support of financial freedom. The liberty that cryptocurrency and decentralized banking provides globally requires an infrastructure that Bitcoin ATM Pros is building. In 2020 the company founded its Crypto exchange. A year later, on July 1st, 2021, they launched the token, and, not long after, the Face to Face Crypto exchange was opened in February 2021. Founder Michael is proud of the young company’s massive success and glad this passion project has been able to make a difference. “I originally began this endeavor because I felt governments had too much control over us and our money. Many countries in Africa change currencies so often, farmers go broke every 5 years because the money they made is now obsolete. I want to be able to put our token into those communities with some ATMs and give the power back to the people. They can use the ATMs as personal banks to buy and sell crypto in their area.” 

BAP also boasts a unique, and attractive dividend payout structure. According to Founder Michael, “We already have profitable utilities and our dividend structure is set up for our token holders.” With this structure in place, 10% of all the profits from their ATMs and Over-The-Counter exchange will be given back to the token holders every quarter in the form of tokens, and eventually, Ethereum. So how does this work? The token holder will be paid out in BAP tokens until the tokens are all gone, then they will be paid in Ethereum from then on. Essentially, the longer one holds the tokens, the more money they will make regardless of the price. This is a residual income token. They’ve already paid out over $55k in tokens to BAP holders in the first 2 dividends.

In time BAP will be setting up a call line, people can call in and ask questions about crypto or how it can better serve them in their needs. This call line and service will be absolutely free. They really want to educate the masses on this amazing opportunity that crypto currency and the BAP token have to offer. It’s more about getting the people in need to a place of peace and wellness with their finances. Life is hard enough as it is, we all need a helping hand every now and again. BAP is here with that hand for you! 

“Here at BAP we will be adding many more products and services, such as a platform for processing fiat and crypto payment, and debit cards for our users of the exchange. More OTCs. 3D printing house projects in Africa and Mongolia and other countries that need financial services and a better life that we can help them with. When we came to these countries, we honestly didn’t know what all they needed “there” yet. So additional products could be 40×40 algae biodiesel fields in a community that could use it. We will charge a fee for anything we want to sell to the government and give a % of that back to token holders. But the goal is to stay open to what might be needed in areas where we haven’t personally been or seen what is needed. Our project as a whole, is much bigger than just one company or one person. It’s about changing the world for the better wherever we can, and the token holders get paid for helping us help others.”  CEO – Michael Cuillard

Once in the BAP family, token holders can sit back and watch the quarterly dividends come rolling in, as the BAP way of saying thank you for the investment and faith in the company! As a community-based team, driven to take care of those in financial hardships. There are too many cities, communities, countries, and entire nations that do not have reliable banking methods or even a legitimate currency structure. For these reasons, BAP has made it its mission to combat this issue using its cryptocurrency in the process. 

To learn more about Bitcoin ATM Pros and their awesome BAP token, visit www.baptoken.com and review their whitepaper for a full explanation of the project. Get yourself some tokens today and enjoy their dividend payouts for years to come!

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