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What is SMILE, and How Can It Help?

This modern, minimally invasive procedure, SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) surgery, can treat astigmatism and mild to severe nearsightedness. They have performed this trusted method hundreds of times, and it continues to grow in popularity. At Kelly Vision Center, their team pioneered this technique. They are currently one of the few centers that provide custom vision correction procedures in the Manhattan and Garden City area.

Benefits of this treatment include:

·         Surgery is performed without blades and is gentle and fast

·         It can permanently improve vision

·         As a minimally invasive procedure, it causes little to no pain

·         The patient can return to their routine a day after their procedure

·         It is FDA approved to treat astigmatism and nearsightedness

·         Less dry eye and discomfort long term than other types of eye surgery

·         Freedom from contacts or glasses 

The SMILE Surgery Process – How it Works

When someone experiences nearsightedness, it is because their cornea is either curved or slightly too long. This condition causes blurry distance vision when light focuses incorrectly. The SMILE procedure uses a quick femtosecond laser that modifies the shape of the cornea from inside to focus light properly. Traditional Lasik involves a surgical flap made on the eye’s surface.

SMILE is a single-step, single laser procedure that combines safety and technology for greater comfort and confidence. Dr. Kelly creates a small key-hole incision to remove minute amounts of corneal tissue with targeted laser light in about 25 seconds. With the tissue removed, the cornea is reshaped, and vision is corrected. Because lasers are used and not blades, it is less invasive, and healing time is faster.

At Kelly Vision Center, we offer skilled corrective eye surgery by an experienced team as an outpatient procedure for those living with conditions, such as:

·         Cataracts

·         Pterygium

·         Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

The Destination for Premium SMILE laser eye correction & More in Manhattan and Garden City

At Kelly Vision Center, they believe experience matters. They stay up-to-date on new information and the latest technology such as Lenticule extraction (SMILE) surgery. This innovative and advanced treatment method can address multiple issues quickly and successfully and is just as effective on astigmatism or myopia treatments. Get all questions answered by our professional Manhattan and Garden City, New York ophthalmologist Dr. James Kelly.

As one of New York’s most experienced laser vision specialists with over 20 years, the Kelly Vision Center is trusted by celebrities, athletes, and professionals. The exclusive Kelly Care Guarantee covers all their premium vision services, and they offer various financing options. Kelly Vision Center is the leading center for corrective eye surgery in Manhattan and Garden City, New York. Call for a consultation today!

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