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Reedsburg, WI Dr. Sarah Pergande specializes in Bariatrics and Cosmetic Surgery at Reedsburg Area Medical Center, Reedsburg, WI. Other areas of her specialization include General Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Dr. Sarah Pergande is an advocate of weight loss and believes that the most durable means for a successful long-term weight loss is through the help of medical interventions. One of the practices she offers for a long-term weight loss goal is Orbera – a non-invasive and quick method of reducing weight above the normal BMI level.

Orbera involves the insertion of a deflated silicone balloon through the stomach via the esophagus with the help of an endoscope. Once the balloon reaches the stomach, it is then filled with saline solution to about the size of a grapefruit. The balloon will be left in the stomach for six months, where it will serve as an additional capacity to increase the feeling of satiety and fullness. This is an excellent way to change a person’s eating habits and reduce food intake. With the balloon in place, the brain will be reprogrammed to better anticipate when the stomach is being full.

Within the six months period, the patient will be enrolled in a specialized program to help the body adjust to the new eating routine. The program will also provide guidelines to the patient as to what foods to take and avoid while the balloon is in place. Furthermore, the surgical team will be in constant communication with the patient to ensure patient safety and maximize the results of the treatment plan.

According to studies, the Orbera device has been used by more than 650,000 people in over 80 countries. Success rates vary depending on how closely the patient follows the pre and post-operative guidelines but typically range from 50% to 70%. The average weight loss is between 12 and 18 pounds during the first six months after surgery. The balloon’s technology and design help patients up to 3.1×2 the weight lost during exercise and diet alone. Some patients lose more weight, some less – but all experience positive changes in their health and quality of life.

In the United States, obesity is one of the most serious public health issues. According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, and a total of 17% are considered extremely obese.

For Dr. Sarah, “Weight loss surgery is not only an easy button but requires self-commitment,” and at RAMC, they are dedicated to providing a supportive network to patients who have undergone weight loss procedures to facilitate the transformation process and to optimize the outcomes. In addition, a comprehensive team provides nutrition education, exercise therapy, and psychological support to reach the patient’s goal of long-term weight reduction and continually maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment or learn more, contact by phone at 608-768-3900. For additional information about weight-loss surgeries and techniques, visit ramchealth.com.

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