Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Greensborough, VIC: Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy has reopened kids and adult martial arts classes. Clients in Greensborough can now enroll in Family Martial Arts classes, ideal for families interested in learning martial basics and defensive skills. The instructors take their clients through a graded syllabus that is detailed in terms of logical progression with weapon and empty hand skills. They also train families on other aspects, such as applying the skills learned and some of the legal and ethical consequences when applying learned skills. In addition to flexibility and diversity, the introductory family martial classes are customised to fit the clients’ pace, especially considering it is a family-centred learning package.

Besides the introductory classes, Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy offers detailed self-defence classes to adults interested in exploring their martial art abilities and, as a result, increasing their confidence and self-defence ability. The instructors also teach clients detailed concepts such as Krav Maga, Karate for adults, Filipino Martial Arts, and other related motor and coordination skills. In addition to being skilled and knowledgeable, they can use the classes to keep fit, and interact with other clients. Like the general classes, the pace of learning depends on the client’s progress as the main goal of the academy is to give them a chance to perfect skills and learn different traditional disciplines.

In addition to most classes accommodating kids interested in martial skills, the academy has personalised classes for young learners. The Kids Martial Arts focus on assisting the young learners in building concentration and focus, developing leadership skills, coordination and motor skills, while learning effective self-defence. Also, the academy has both introductory and more detailed classes, which assists the young martial arts students to explore different aspects and fall in love with the art. The instructors use the first classes to answer questions and create a space for the young enthusiasts to learn the basics.

Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy has also resumed private lessons for clients interested in learning specific martial skills. For example, the academy offers combat training, where the client dictates what they want to learn in the 30 minutes to one-hour-long timeslots.  The instructors also provide Filipino Martial Arts classes to clients interested in mastering Malay and Filipino martial arts systems through flexible classes.

For fun kids and adult martial art classes, interested clients can contact the team at 0413 544 051. Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy is located at 7/60 Main St, Greensborough, VIC, 3088, AU. Check the academy’s website for more information.

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