Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Monroe County, IL: Clements Cleaning Company offers deep house cleaning services to clients who need special cleaning due to grime and dust buildup. Their one-time deep cleaning entails a wide range of activities, such as hand wiping the blinds, ceiling fans, and lights. The team also scrubs baseboards and doors, and hard-to-reach corners in the home. In addition, the professionals clean and polish woodwork, windows and frames, kick plates, cabinet doors, drawers’ tops, hinges, glides, and boxes. If the client has floor vents, the professional cleaners pull them up and wipe them.

The company offers additional deep house cleaning services such as vacuuming walls and ceilings, scrubbing bathrooms, and wiping exhaust fans. Their house cleaners also move furniture and appliances (those not connected to water and gas) to wash the surfaces under and behind. In addition to the services under the one-time deep cleaning package, clients can get additional services such as wiping down walls and cleaning the oven as separate services. Regardless of the service package, the company is time-conscious, allowing the client to plan and choose the best time for them based on their availability. 

Clements Cleaning Inc. also offers routine cleaning to residential clients, which can be weekly or bi-weekly based on their budget and schedule. The team offers exclusive kitchen cleaning and polishing range hoods, dusting high chairs, polishing bar stools and countertops, wiping tables and chairs, cleaning sliding glass doors, and cleaning baseboards. These professionals also clean dining rooms, dust the furniture, shelves, items, and doors, and remove cobwebs and smudges from doors and light switches. The team washes other rooms, including the laundry and living rooms, especially polishing dryers and washers. Their deep cleaning is instrumental in removing contaminants, and is every client’s best opportunity at improving the house value over time.  

Clements Cleaning Inc. also works with clients with spare rooms by offering deep cleaning, either as a one-time or a regular service. The company has an experienced team that vacuums and mops the floors, dust shelves in closets, wipe furniture and electronics, and remove cobwebs. While ensuring the home office or the spare room is clean and free of grime and dust, the cleaners ensure that the electronics and other items are safe from exclusive cleaning. Also, the client is free to plan the cleaning time based on their schedule, thanks to the company’s flexibility. 

Clients interested in deep house cleaning services can contact the team at (618) 939-3779. Clements Cleaning Inc. is located at 132 Williamsburg Ln, Waterloo, IL, 62298, US. Visit the cleaning company’s website for more information.

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