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Fort Pierce, FL: Castle Keeper’s Maintenance Inc offers pressure washing services to commercial and residential clients. Thanks to its skilled pressure washers, the company cleans every corner of the client’s property to their satisfaction, especially on the driveways, walls, pathways, and roofs. To achieve impressive results, the team customizes each project, especially considering the properties need different levels of attention. Regardless of the assignment, the professionals assess the property before starting to clean, allowing them to identify areas that need more attention, either by removing dirt or minimizing the pressure to prevent harm on the surfaces.

Castle Keeper’s Maintenance Inc in Fort Pierce FL, cleans different areas, and one of the key ones is the driveway. Unlike most parts of a residential property, driveways are prone to everyday dirt and large debris, which makes it hard to clean using standard cleaning methods. To clean the driveway and restore its beauty, the team first removes all the dirt before applying premium detergent to remove the remaining soil and grime. Later, the professional cleaners use the pressure washer adjusted to the optimum setting to clean the driveway and give it a shine. Depending on the assessment, the team may repeat one of the steps to ensure the driveway is clean and free from stubborn stains.

Pressure Washing in Fort Pierce FL, also offers paver cleaning services, which, unlike driveway, requires more attention as overdoing it may cause more harm to the property’s look. The team first removes grass and moss on the paver, making the subsequent steps such as soaking the surface with detergent easier and more effective. Lastly, the professionals use the pressure washer to clean the surface, removing any remaining stain and grime. Since the pavers are sensitive to excess pressure, which destroys the surfaces, the team fine-tunes the machine to achieve the right PSI.

Castle Keeper’s Maintenance Inc also pays close attention to safety when pressure washing commercial and residential property for multiple reasons. For example, if not well selected, detergents may be dangerous to people and pets living on a property. The company has a strict policy of only using approved and non-toxic cleaning detergents to avoid such incidents. The team also ensures that the cleaning process is free of accidents. Likewise, the cleaning company uses the correct pressure to clean the surfaces, improve the curb appeal, and not destroy the property.

Castle Keeper’s Maintenance Inc is located in Ft Pierce, FL, 34951, US. Clients interested in professional pressure washing can contact the team at (772) 971-3793. Visit the website for more information.¬†

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