Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Geelong, VIC: BuzzTech is now offering exclusive iPhone repair services to clients with faulty devices in Geelong. The company repairs all old models of iPhone such as iPhone 4, 4S, 5C, 5, and 5S, especially those with faulty batteries and screens. The iPhone Repair in Geelong service is also open to iPhone users with newer models from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13, regardless of the faultiness or phone specifics such as release date and general specs. This team also offers the same services to iPad users with component and software issues.

BuzzTech specializes in all types of services to clients in need of iPhone Repair near Geelong, especially screen replacement which is common in iDevices. It also replaces batteries and buttons with new durable components regardless of the iPhone or iPad model. For clients with iPhones with software issues or poor reception, the team is experienced in repairing the two issues, and if the internal antenna is faulty, they replace the damaged piece with a new one. While iPad and iPhone cameras rarely have issues, clients with damaged back and front cameras can get assistance from the team, mainly through replacing or fixing the camera components. 

BuzzTech also offers repairs services to clients with faulty Samsung Note phones from Note 3 to Note 20. For clients with defective Samsung Galaxy phones, from S2 to S21, the company has an experienced team that offers battery replacements with a 12-month warranty. It is also experienced in repairing power and sound buttons, fixing poor reception, screen replacements, and software. If the phone needs new components, a specialist installs premium and durable parts that match the phone’s specs and model number. In addition, BuzzTech fixes charging ports and headphone jacks (for the older models), replaces the front and back cameras if they are faulty, and repairs the components if they are not severely damaged. 

BuzzTech is also a one-stop-shop for clients in need of mobile accessories for all common brands such as Apple, Samsung. It has premium accessories such as impact-absorbing phone covers, wallet covers, among others including Ideal of sweden, otterbox, lifeproof, x-doria. Since clients have different preferences, the company has more options in each case, customized to meet users’ preferences. For example, it has eye-popping bling cases for clients interested in unique phone cases.

BuzzTech is located at 404 Latrobe Terrace, Newtown, VIC, 3220, AU. Clients can call the company for quality iPhone repairs and accessories at (03) 5292 1921. Visit the repairer’s website for more information. 

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