Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Newtown, Victoria – Phones and tablets have morphed into items that most people cannot live without. However, they require proper care and servicing whenever the need arises. Professionals recommend that clients seek expert services rather than trusting their gadgets with untested hands. Luckily for Newtown residents, BuzzTech is a recognized phone repair and accessories dealership operating in Geelong. Its technicians specialize in iPhones, iPads, and Samsung gadgets and are committed to providing top-notch services for a broad range of issues. Thanks to their skills and experience, the repair shop has grown to become the go-to place for reliable and affordable services. Whether the repair work required is minor or significant, clients can relax knowing that their prized gadgets are in safe hands.

BuzzTech’s iPhone repair in Geelong technicians believe in giving clients value for their money. They understand that getting a gadget up and running normally is one thing and another to do an excellent job. To them, shabbily fixing a phone or tablet will get the owners looking for similar repairs soon, which impacts negatively on their reputation, making it a big no. For this reason, they always insist on using only company-approved original parts in every repair job. They boast an extensive inventory of original parts to suit all their clients’ requirements and pride themselves on their ability to fix everything from broken screens to malfunctioning software. 

Besides doing repairs, BuzzTech deals in phone and tablet accessories for iPhones, IPads, and Samsung. Unlike other dealers who may sell Knock off or generic accessories, the store only deals in original ones. Its employees are always ready to offer guidance or answer all clients’ questions regarding which accessories to buy. “Needed some accessories for my daughter’s iPhone 11pro. The staff member in the store was really helpful, asked me a lot of questions so I could make the right choice for her. I would recommend to anyone to pop into the store,” said one happy client when commenting on their experience at the store. 

Clients looking for iPhone & iPad repair near Geelong, and are worried about going offline for too long, should check out BuzzTech for fast and efficient repairs. Typically, it takes them anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes to completely fix most broken phones. This short downtime applies to fixing software or hardware damages to iPhones, iPads, or Samsung gadgets and includes running diagnostics. For more complex repairs which may drag on, the technicians always inform their clients of the estimated completion time. 

BuzzTech gives back to the community by donating free iPads to local schools through a competitive client-based program. 

For more information about BuzzTech’s services, visit their website. Call (03) 5292 1921 to speak with one of their representatives. The repair shop is located at 404 Latrobe Terrace, Newtown, Victoria, 3220, AU. 

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