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Burlington, ON – Burlington Academy of Music consists of a team of friendly music teachers who are skilled and experienced in a wide range of music lessons such as piano, guitar, ukulele, voice lessons, and more. Apart from music lessons, the academy also provides a musical ladder system alongside music recitals. While the music ladder system majorly focuses on competition and awards, music recitals provide the student with an opportunity to feel successful after their hard work, mainly through performance.

Burlington Academy of Music – Burlington Piano Lessons provides a wide spectrum of piano lessons, including piano lessons for young beginners, adult piano lessons Burlington as well as  RCM piano exams where students pursuing the Royal Conservatory of music method are guided through repertoire step by step as they work towards certification. The academy offers private piano lessons for children from the age of six and adults of all ages in all levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

“Here at Burlington Academy of Music, we are dedicated to hiring highly qualified piano teachers that also have warm personalities and will get to know you and your family personally. Our music teacher’s number one goal is to give you or your children a very positive learning experience and to help you learn to love playing the piano,” said the company’s representative regarding the prowess of their music teachers.

The music academy provides a music ladder system which is a music lesson rewards program that is designed to assist music students to get the most out of their lessons. This is possible as the system enables them to set and achieve their goals at regular intervals throughout the course. With fun level names such as apprentice and songbird, the system has inspired thousands of children, teens, and adults to practice and work extra hard on their music skills. Those who excel in the musical ladder challenge with their teachers are also gifted really nice-looking colored wristbands and a certificate. At some levels, customized trophies are also given.

Besides its instrumental music lessons, Burlington Academy of Music also provides voice lessons with the same level of professionalism. Its qualified instructors focus majorly on popular music such as pop and R&B, with no exceptions to classical and jazz.

Adults and teenagers interested in music or parents looking for a music training academy for their children can contact the team at  Burlington Academy of Music via phone at (905) 630-9445. The music academy is located at 1234 Advance RD #1, Burlington, ON, L7M 1A4. To learn more about Burlington Music Lessons, visit the academy’s website.

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Burlington Academy of Music
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