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Elkhart, IN – Recent research, as stated by the Guardian, shows that good sleep leads to more money. High-profile figures, such as Arianna Huffington, have also embraced sleeping, contrary to previous beliefs that stated it as a weakness. For good sleep, one is recommended to purchase a mattress from a verified supplier.

BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct is a discount mattress store based in Elkhart, IN. The mattress store is famous for offering various mattresses from leading manufacturers that meet different clients’ needs and preferences.

Unlike other mattress stores that purchase mattresses from suppliers, BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct, as its name suggests, directly purchases the mattresses from the manufacturers. This gives clients the best discounts and air their views and opinions directly to the manufacturers, therefore contributing significantly to the production of customer-oriented products.

Also, the mattress company eliminates the need for expensive storefront and employees by providing its clients with appointments. The mattress store’s representative further noted that this, combined with great quality products and friendly staff, allows them to create the best shopping experience for its clients.

While keeping clients in mind, while at the same time focusing on the latest technology, designs, and trends, the mattress store offers mattresses in a variety of sizes, including twin, full, king, and queen size. The mattresses are convenient for personal use and are also used in the hotel and accommodation industry.

A client can choose from a wide selection of mattresses, such as a pillowtop mattress that provides support and comfort due to its firm innerspring and soft sleeping surface, respectively. Alternatively, the client can opt for a Euro top mattress that has innovative maximum edge trim. The design and materials used in Euro-top mattresses are intended to reduce pressure points and the mattress lifespan.

Like pillow top and Euro-top mattresses, the firm mattress has unique designs and foams conducive to achy backs and provides comfort for deep sleep.

Apart from offering maximum support and comfort, BoxDrop’s specialty sleep beds are designed to reduce sleeping temperature while reducing pressure points. Other than being commonly used to sleep, mattresses can also be used for different functions, including reading, working, and watching television. BoxDrop offers comfortable and adjustable bases for all age groups.  

Clients will be guided on making the right choice regarding the mattresses by the mattress company’s personnel, who are more informed and experienced in the market industry.

To book an appointment or learn more about their services, visit the company’s website or contact the mattress store by calling (574) 370-1099. BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct is located at 1710 S Nappanee St, Elkhart, IN 46516, the United States.

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BoxDrop Elkhart Wholesale Mattress Direct
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Tommy Gross
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