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Bellingham, WA – Since its inception, BoxDrop Bellingham has been operating as most people’s five-star mattress store, offering all high-quality and trendy mattresses taking the Bellingham region by storm. Some of the mattresses BoxDrop Bellingham offers include Pillowtop Mattresses, Euro Top Mattresses, and Firm Mattresses. Besides mattresses, they also provide furniture and bed options, especially quality ones like the famous Specialty Sleep beds and more. With BoxDrop Bellingham’s Specialty Sleep beds, the store targets customers interested in beds that come designed with unique features that reduce pressure points and decrease sleep temperature.

Likewise, the beds offer incredible support and comfort for any body type, making the beds ideal for slim and heavy-bodied individuals. However, focusing on BoxDrop Bellingham’s mattress store services, the store deals with unique and most people’s preferred mattresses, such as the Pillowtop mattresses, which come with benefits such as providing extra padding for exceptional comfort.

Pillowtop mattresses lead as the most trending and liked type of mattresses, especially for their additional top-layer foam that provides comfort and softness beyond other types. The top comfort and softness, offering layers, are made of latex and cotton and sometimes memory foam. These materials are known to play notable roles in offering pleasurable sleep experiences throughout the night.  Latex-made mattresses are also ideal options for most people since their materials are considered the best due to their natural softness, resiliency, and breathability. Furthermore, breathable mattresses are also excellent choices because:

They are ideal options for side sleepers because they easily conform to one’s figure and support the body’s natural contours and curves, thus, reducing aches and pains. Even more, breathable mattresses like Pillowtop are good options for infants for their benefits, including preventing trapped heat and regulating infant’s temperatures, thus, keeping them comfortable and allowing them to get enough sleep which is essential for their development and growth.  They also stop babies from sweating by consistently staying dry despite weather changes. Additionally, Pillowtop breathable mattresses are ideal for improving airflow and reducing the difficulty in babies brought by re-breathing and more.

The BoxDrop Bellingham Pillowtop Mattress also comes highly recommended for other reasons including its ability to seamlessly distribute weight, which is crucial to improving quality sleep by eliminating pressure and other discomforting agents.

While there are many types of quality mattresses and beds, most of them are expensive. BoxDrop Bellingham offers customers quality products, all at affordable rates. Aside from offering top-rated and customer-satisfactory mattresses, BoxDrop Bellingham’s success also comes from the store’s great services that previous customers can’t keep quiet about. One of those testimonials comes from the mattress store’s Facebook page; a previous customer applauded them by saying:

“Very responsive, friendly, helpful with suggestions and options is all I can say, excellent customer services! Our son loves his new king-size mattress & box spring. The price is right!” – Manutangifonua N Jessica-Malafu Sili.

BoxDrop Bellingham is located at 425 Sequoia Drive Unit #103, Bellingham, WA 98226, US. For inquiries regarding their quality mattresses and furniture, contact their team by calling (208) 317-0229 or visit the company’s website at https://www.facebook.com/BoxDropBellingham.

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