Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Parkland, FL: BKB Cleaning Company offers professional pressure washing and roof cleaning services. In addition to ensuring that the client’s home or commercial property is clean, it uses the latest technologies for maximum results. The Parkland-based company also has experienced and trained cleaning professionals. 

BKB Cleaning Company is offering exclusive commercial pressure cleaning services to clients in Parkland, FL. and the surrounding areas. The service is available to clients with malls, medical buildings, and offices. Regardless of the building’s shape and size, the company has the needed workforce and technique to clean the commercial space. The team uses only safe and effective chemicals in removing all kinds of debris, dirt, algae, and mildew for safety purposes. Their commercial pressure cleaning is done at least once a year to keep the building and the spaces clean. Regular cleaning extends the paint’s life and keeps the commercial building clean and beautiful.

Besides using the best chemicals and machines, the Parkland-based company focuses on different places within a building. For example, it cleans storage facilities, manufacturing buildings, storage tanks, dumpsters and areas around, and machinery. The team also offers personalized power washing services to hospital walls, ceilings, flex buildings, data centers, cold storage buildings, bulk distribution warehouses, and industrial power washing needs. Since commercial buildings require a well-planned cleaning process, BKB Cleaning Company takes time planning seriously. If some parts have marks due to damages, the company uses low pressure while cleaning to safeguard the surface.

BKB Cleaning Company also offers professional window cleaning services. While commercial clients can contact the team for this service, it is mainly for residential clients. Since windows are delicate compared to driveways, the team uses a specialized window cleaning system for a spot free clean. The results are exceptional, considering the team has trained window cleaners and spends time choosing the right chemicals for each project. Besides the windows, the company also offers gutter cleaning and sidewalk pressure washing services. For maximum results, the company uses the proper pressure and cleaning solutions. In addition, the team takes time preparing and identifying the nature of dirt and debris to ensure they are better prepared for the cleaning job.

The entity also offers roof washing services. Since high-pressure washing damages roofs, BKB Cleaning Company uses zero pressure when cleaning roofs. However, the cleaning method removes all types of dirt, mold, airborne grime, and algae. The company uses the best chemicals that have zero impact on the roof but effectively remove all dirt. For clients interested in driveway washing, the company has an experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment. Like other cleaning services, the team evaluates the driveway and recommends the best way to clean oil, tire marks, brake fluid, rush, and other stains. The team is also experienced in cleaning driveways, even those with hard-to-remove stains.

Clients interested in the commercial cleaning services can call the company at 954-692-3107. The offices are at 6665 NW 75th Pl, Parkland, FL, 33067. Check the website for more information.

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