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TOUCHBeauty is well known in the beauty industry for its innovative use of new technologies in developing beauty tools for the average consumer. As part of their efforts to deliver the most effective and accessible skincare and beauty solutions, they offer a skincare device named Trifecta, acknowledging its innovative three-in-one action.

TOUCHBeauty Trifecta is an innovative device that combines three functions to help ladies achieve enhanced facial contours and highlight a youthful glow. Each of the three attachments that come in this complete sculpting kit performs a different function. 

The microcurrent face roller attachment works to help tone and contour the face by gently exercising the muscles under the skin, thereby draining the accumulated lymphatic fluids found there and restoring the natural firmness and plumpness. 

The second attachment features two eye and lip wands that produce their effect by conducting microcurrents through the delicate tissues around the eyes and lips. This stimulation helps promote blood flow and rejuvenates the collagen and elastin in these regions, responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. The result is a refreshed look and continued protection against the development of wrinkles.

The third attachment is a light therapy treatment module that incorporates the latest light therapy innovations available on the market today into its design. It functions by delivering light waves into the tissues lying underneath our skin to stimulate the natural healing processes of our skin and restore our natural glow. TOUCHBeauty Trifecta comes with the capability of delivering four different wavelengths for its light therapy treatments, including blue, red, yellow, and mixed wavelengths. 

Light therapy effectively stimulates healing, boosts collagen production, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, brightens one’s skin, and eliminates the bacteria that cause acne and other skin ailments. 

According to TOUCHBeauty, the Trifecta is a quick and easy addition to anyone’s skincare routine, as none of the treatments require expert knowledge or take longer than 6 minutes per session. It can fit seamlessly into anyone’s program with no significant impact on their schedule but with good results on their skin.

This device is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, which is why its attachments are intuitive and easy to switch around, while the usage instructions for each attachment are as clear as day. It is a wireless device that makes it a convenient traveling companion for those who wish to carry on their skincare regimen away from their regular salon or spa. 

The Trifecta comes with a smart LCD screen for convenient monitoring and information regarding treatments. It allows users to adjust the intensity levels of the microcurrent and light therapy treatments for effectiveness, accuracy, and comfort. A smart auto-timer feature will also serve users, never to have to worry about overdoing any of the treatments.

One satisfied client, @barbiesbeautybits, reported feeling a “great sense of relief after finding a product that made it possible to continue with a solid skincare routine when salon or spa visits weren’t an option because of COVID. For the price of a single spa visit, I now have my own personal device that can facilitate self-treatment in the comfort of my own home, at no extra cost.”

TOUCHBeauty is a beauty and skincare solutions brand that has earned public recognition for its work in the beauty industry. They have had many successful products launched in the industry, including face rollers, hair removal devices, cleansing brushes, exfoliation tools, eye care & lash curlers, and more. They have continuously sought to reach as many clients as possible. All products are available online with international shipping, and payments can be made with Shop Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.

The company is well-recognized among its peers in the beauty and skincare arena, and TOUCHBeauty has been a regular recipient of industry awards in recognition of their contributions and achievements, including the RedDot Award, The Design For Asia Award (DFA), the iF Product Design Award, and the German Design Award among others.

For any concerns or queries regarding the TOUCHBeauty Trifecta, or perhaps wish to place an order with them, customers are encouraged to contact the company website, where they’ll be sure to respond to the request promptly.

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