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Taunton, MA – Whether an individual has had money problems for a while or has been ambushed by a job loss, or extensive medical bills, they can find relief through bankruptcy. While it may seem like a drastic step with long-term consequences, it can also present the opportunity to start on a clean financial slate. To help individuals navigate the uncertain terrains of bankruptcy is Benner & Weinkauf, P.C., a Taunton attorney. 

Benner & Weinkauf, P.C. was founded by Tom Benner and Logan Weinkauf to provide the communities of Taunton, Plymouth, Braintree, New Bedford, Hyannis, and the surrounding areas with effective and affordable legal representation on all matters of bankruptcy. Since its inception, the firm has been a major player in ensuring that clients get credit card relief, avoid foreclosures, overcome their financial struggles, and make better financial decisions for their future.  

Benner & Weinkauf, P.C. is a small firm by design. This means that qualified and experienced attorneys enjoy working one-on-one with each client. From the initial consultation to the final resolution of each case, clients will always be in contact with their attorneys to have their questions answered and concerns addressed. 

The Taunton Bankruptcy Lawyer offers guidance and legal assistance for clients with a wide range of financial issues. They get rid of the debilitating debts of clients by helping them file for Chapter7 bankruptcy that allows them to sell their possession to repay creditors. With the Chapter13 bankruptcy services, clients get to keep their assets and, in return, get to create payment plans to be paid in installments between 3-5years. Individuals who can’t pay creditors what they owe may qualify for debt consolidation or debt settlement based on the extent of their debts. 

With the knowledge that debt collectors are notorious for harassing debtors, Benner & Weinkauf, P.C. steps in to put a stop to them, allowing individuals to have peace of mind as they go through the bankruptcy process. Additionally, they offer asset protection, credit card debt relief, debt negotiation, levy and wage garnishments, lien releases, loan modifications, and repossessions. While owing large amounts of money to the IRS is stressful, it now has a Fresh Start Program, and an ‘offer in comprise’ option to give individuals a break. Benner & Weinkauf, P.C. helps clients navigate tax laws by offering IRS tax payment options, IRS tax settlement, tax penalty relief, and tax resolution. 

With the understanding that each client’s financial situation has different parts, the attorneys don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they take the time to listen and learn about each case to determine a personalized action plan to best suit needs and future goals.  

To schedule a free case evaluation, call (774) 409-0007. They are located at 3 School St, Taunton, MA, 02780, US. For any inquiries about the bankruptcy services they offer, visit the Benner & Weinkauf Google site

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