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Austin, TX – Band Aid School of Music offers personalized lessons to students interested in music. The National Champion Rock Band School teaches voice and singing, brass, piano, drums, guitar, and woodwinds. Besides offering different musical lessons, it has two modes of teaching interested students — online and under one roof. 

Band Aid School of Music is offering exclusive music training to students in Austin. It provides detailed classes on instruments, voice, and singing. The offering is ideal for families with people interested in different musical aspects. For example, the classes have guitar lessons, singing, voice, bass, drums, ukulele, banjo, and mandolin lessons. Students also can take rock band classes in each location. Besides the physical classes, the lessons are available online via the virtual lesson program. 

The school also offers performance classes for students interested in public performances. The instructors explore different aspects of performances with students, such as navigating feelings when preparing for public shows. Besides the lessons, the school has created a progressive program that gives students a soft landing in performance, such as managing anxiety. Performing in front of musical friends and parents also gives students the needed confidence. Thanks to the performance class and practical approach, the school is currently the only National Champion Rick Band School in Austin. 

Band Aid School of Music has also opened doors for adults interested in music. It has a program, the premier adults’ rock band program, that is ideal for staff and parents interested in exploring the world of a rock band but in a personalized setting. Like other lessons, the school emphasizes different aspects such as learning instruments and playing at public concerts. 

Besides opening doors for more music lovers, Band Aid School of Music has state-of-the-art facilities. It has a recording studio for students as an add-on to playing on organized events. The school also has live stage rooms for practice and sound-proofed music rooms for practice. Band Aid School of Music has a comfortable waiting area with chairs, magazines, and Wi-Fi for parents accompanying students for the music lessons. 

In addition, Band Aid School of Music also organizes workshops for different musicians and students interested in music but are uncertain where to start. Students with unique struggles in music can also attend the workshop to sharpen their skills at playing instruments better or singing. Since the classes are diverse, interested students must first check the calendar and compare which workshops can improve their music skills. 

For the starters looking for information through the workshops, the school has general-themed sessions for them. Regardless of one’s intentions, the moderators are professionals and experienced in handling the assigned topic. Learn more about Band Aid School of Music and the workshop on their website.  

Interested clients can also call the team at (512) 730-0592. The premises are at 2309 Thornton Road Suite E, Austin, TX 78704, US.

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