B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison: How to choose Between Shopify, Magento, Hybris, and Salesforce

Running an online store is more challenging than ever. You need to deliver a flawless shopping experience and exceed customer expectations if you want customers to visit your store again and again.

Whether you are growing your business, setting up a storefront from scratch, looking for new solutions for development and improvements, your choice of a B2B ecommerce platform has a huge impact on the success, as well as, the profitability of your online store.

You need to find the most secure and trustworthy platform from a wide variety of options.

With B2B ecommerce platform comparison, you will be able to select the best solution for your store.

How to Choose a B2B Ecommerce Platform

The good news is that there are many ecommerce software solutions to choose from, each tailored to the type of service you are going to offer.

Nevertheless, so many options can sometimes be overwhelming.

We can all agree that choosing a platform can be a tough decision.

We will give you our tips on how to choose a platform tailored to your specific requirements:

  • Functional & non-functional requirements: By clearly determining your needs and requirements, you will be able to choose the most suitable ecommerce platform for your B2B business. Functional requirements are those related to what the system should offer to users, for example, new features, new behavior, bug fixes, and etc. Non-functional requirements describe how the system will accept and do so, for example, effectiveness, availability, compatibility, documentation, scalability, performance, and etc.
  • Budget requirements: When it comes to choosing a B2B software solution, the budget defines. The services delivered by ecommerce platforms differentiate in price. Budget requirements include design include fixed costs, design and development, SEO, integration, marketing, and licensing costs.
  • Design requirements: If you want to achieve your marketing goals, you need an appealing and convenient design. When you create your website, you can use custom designs or ready-made website templates. Professional ready-made templates can be found on every ecommerce platform. You can choose a template from the extensive library of templates and use it to your new website design. Customizing your web design has its own advantages. All the functional and visual features of the website including font size, color, the layout of the web page, responsive adaption, scrolling animation, and etc. are created and customized according to your needs.
  • Long-term objectives: Determining long-term goals before choosing a platform gives you an opportunity to concentrate on what is important through the project. You need to think about what your online store will be in five or ten years.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines like Google read the keywords you have included throughout your website to define the content and determine whether your website is an appropriate search result. When choosing an ecommerce platform to launch your B2B online store, it is important to consider SEO features in the process.


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