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Lafayette, IN – Allure Dental takes a different approach to patient care and treatment. They believe that each patient deserves the best smile that makes them healthy and attractive. Their focus is on delivering personalized cosmetic dental solutions that go beyond teeth cleaning and filling cavities. The dentists aim to transport their patients from a place where they are insecure about their teeth and smile to a permanent state where they are confident about their smile and dental health.

By providing lasting clinical outcomes, the dental team at Allure Dental has been able to improve the lives of their patients and boost the quality of their day-to-day interactions. Their dental office delivers high-caliber cosmetic dentistry, which focuses more on long-term functionality and aesthetics. They offer their services in a clean, controlled, and hygienic space with the latest technology on hand to improve procedural outcomes.

Describing what they offer, the dentist Lafayette IN said; “Our dentists have received advanced clinical training in the health, function, and relationship between the teeth, jaw, joints, and muscles from the renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Having this background means that we are equipped to diagnose and treat issues related to improper occlusion before pursuing more permanent cosmetic and restorative treatments. Because correct dental function is directly related to case success, we leverage advanced technology, including the T-Scan™ occlusion analysis system and i-CAT™ 3-D cone beam imaging, to improve diagnoses and procedures. All of these allow us to achieve long-term success in any treatment.”

With Allure Dental, patients can expect to get help for bad occlusion, which can be the basis of their oral health problems. The dental team understands that solving this problem requires personalized dental function repair treatments and so design the most suitable plan for each patient that visits them. Their solution manages and resolves chronic pain, improves airways and breathing, corrects misalignment permanently, reduces or eliminates the risk of TMJ issues, and assures success and longevity of restorations.

Patients who have lost one or more of their teeth are also welcome to explore the dental clinic’s restorative solution. Their dental implant procedure addresses missing teeth problems, irrespective of whether the patient has lost a single tooth or all of their teeth. The cosmetic dentists are happy to walk patients through the process, educate them in preparation for the procedure, and offer after-care support to ensure a stronger and healthier mouth.

Allure Dental is located at 821 Twyckenham Blvd, Lafayette, IN, 47909, US. Patients are welcome to visit them, or they can schedule an appointment via phone at (765) 477-0331. For more information, visit their website.

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Allure Dental
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