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Urbandale, IA: Advanced Spine Health Center treats complications such as chronic pain, migraines, carpal tunnel, pain from injuries, and headaches. As a chiropractic care center, it uses spinal alignment when treating all pain-related complications. In addition, the center is home to a licensed and experienced doctor. 

Advanced Spine Health Center is using Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) Technique on patients with pain-related problems. The center supplements its experience with the latest technology in treating all forms of back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and other problems resulting from the posture. Even with the new technology, the center has a streamlined process, which capitalized on both the technology and the doctor’s experience in treating all the pain-related conditions. 

The first thing patients go through is a digital posture analysis. The chiropractor near Urbandale takes two pictures — from the side and the front. The patient’s images are then run through software that analyzes them to create a report with calculations and measurements. The chiropractor goes through the report with the patient as they see their posture from an analytical perspective. They then compare the x-rays with the posture for verification purposes. Afterwards, the doctor and the patient go through the results and discuss ways to resolve the pain issue. 

In addition to the first-visit analysis, the chiropractic in Urbandale takes the patient through a more detailed examination and X-rays. In this step, the chiropractor examines the cause of pain and other parts of the body affected by the pain discomfort. For accuracy purposes, they test muscle strength, range of motion, and sensation on the skin. To complete the process, the doctor then takes an x-ray of the client’s spine. Unlike other forms of x-rays, it is explicitly done to establish the client’s ideal resting posture. 

As a results-oriented center, the doctor spends time doing PostureRay Physical Analysis. In this analysis, they evaluate the shifts, angles, global curvatures, and other related details. In the end, the doctor then uses the results to show the patients how their spine should be in an ideal situation. The doctor also goes through some of the treatment options and the possible cost while answering the patient’s questions regarding the treatment. 

The final stage of the CBP Technique is treatment. The center may offer different treatment options depending on the patient’s case. To increase the motion in the patient’s spine and reduce pain, the center offers adjustments, which are gentle manipulations. Exercises are also part of the treatment plan where the center recommends a couple of stretching techniques to strengthen muscles. It also uses traction to treat spine-related pain. The traction machine, unlike adjustments and exercises, corrects the curvature. 

Interested patients can call (515) 423-0708 to talk to Advanced Spine Health Center’s representative. The offices are at 8431 Hickman Rd, Urbandale, IA, 50322. Check the website for more information regarding chiropractic and other services.  

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